Deciding to move in with your romantic partner is a big step - but it could seriously impact your friendships in the BEST way.

When my boyfriend and I decided to move in with each other after three years of dating one of the things we were both excited for was being better friends to our friends. This may seem like an odd thing to be excited about – how does friendship relate to making a big step in your relationship?

The truth is – there’s a lot  of ways that moving in with your partner can affect your friendships. For the last three years, every night we had off together was spent with each other.  Now that we’re moving in, we’ll naturally still want to spend time together, but there is more flexibility to see our friends. Here’s how moving in can make room for more time with your vinas:


When you’re not constantly worrying about when you’ll see your partner, you’ll be able to put that energy into worrying when you’ll see your friends. I’m talking dinner parties, putting up friends when they come in from out of town, and more! Living with roommates and not your significant other can hinder your ability to entertain (or even have) guests over. By moving in together, we are excited to host dinner parties, have extra space for out of town guests, and all while not burdening any roommates.


Have we talked about burdening roommates yet? My partner and I spend about half of our week together – that means half of our week is spent with one of us having a guest over. While our roommates are all lovely about it, it’s never fun for another person to be hanging out at your apartment all of the time. Especially when we hog the couch or the kitchen.


But most importantly, moving in together gives us more money to do fun things with each other and our friends. Right now we pay for two apartments, groceries for two households, laundry for two households and more. While some of these costs may rise as we combine households, the reality is, no matter how you cut it we’ll save money. This means more to spend on going out with friends.

Moving in with your partner is a wonderful thing, and a huge step in your relationship, but one of the greatest silver linings is the ability it brings you to be a  better friend. Have any advice for maintaining friendships after a relationship move in? Drop it in the comments!

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