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Growing up in the midwest, there was always this stigma against people who didn’t move away for college.  If you weren’t one of the few that moved across the country then you probably weren’t going to see success.

But why is this? Why would I be labeled a failure for ultimately being okay with who I am and the hometown that I chose to stay in?

The truth is, I wouldn’t. I don’t believe I could be the evolved person I am today if I didn’t make the choice I did out of high school. In my mid-twenties this is something I learned and have grown to enjoy about myself.

I have found success in friendships, arts and happiness. Not only did I do that, but I did it in the town I grew up in. I live in a place where I know the streets and probably too many people, in a city that is growing every single day and has given me more artistic inspiration than I ever could’ve imagined.

But this wasn’t always my plan. I always imagined myself migrating to the west coast and living out my beach babe dreams. And who knows, maybe I’ll still end up there. Odds are, I might. I have huge goals, a love for travel and an itch to be near the warm weather.

But for right now, I am happy with my decisions. I am going to continue to make a name for myself in this city and be proud of it. And you can too!  If you don’t have the resources available to make this jump in your life, or if you are just perfectly fine right where you’re at then you need to stop and think for a second. Take a deep breath, be confident and tell yourself, “I stayed in my hometown and that’s okay!”

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We can thrive anywhere, especially in our hometown.

Did you stay in your hometown, or move away? Tell us why in the comments below!

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