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Living with your vinas comes with all the pros of all your favorite T.V. sitcoms. You’ll be coming home to your friends every day; you can hang out without the stresses of going out; you’ll have a literal live-in Netflix binge partner; etc. But these pros come with a few cons, and one of the biggest cons of them all involves money.

Here’s how to avoid that drama and live in financial peace with your vina roommate:


Prior to moving in together, have a conversation with your roommate about your expectations of each other. How are you going to split living expenses? Are you going to be hard on rent deadlines? Whose name is going to be on the bills?

Make sure to answer these questions together, and if you don’t agree on everything, talk it out.

No, this doesn’t have to be a formal contract a la “Big Bang Theory,” but having your rules and expectations in writing acts as an added (tangible and solid) element of your roommate agreements.


It can be a spreadsheet of expenses you’ll share together or a shared calendar with all of your due dates for rent and utilities.

There are apps out there that make it easier to organize all of this. If you choose to organize your bills that way, consider checking out Splitwise, HomeSlice, or even just Venmo, to keep everything organized.


The trickiest part about handling money involves the sensitivities people can have surrounding their finances. Maybe one

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of your vinas has hit some hard times, and may not be able to pay their equal share as easily? Maybe they’re late one month or forget to pay one of the bills?

If you encounter stuff like this (or if you’re in one of the situations), take it slow and handle it like a friend—not just a roommate. If you can, offer to pay a greater share of the rent and utilities for a while. Let them know they can pay you back later. If they forget to pay a bill, forgive them.

On the flipside of this situation, don’t take advantage of your roommates just because they’re your friends. Thank them for helping you out, pay them back eventually, let them be frustrated with you for a bit, etc.

Beyond the fun of living with your friends, there are some added stakes in regards to money. Don’t let that ruin your friendship.

What are your tips for handling money and finances with roommates/friends? Leave them below, and don’t forget to heck out Hey! Vina to meet new friends near you!

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