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Show your Taurus friends this isn't your first rodeo!

It’s finally my favorite time of year… TAURUS SEASON. The flowers are blooming, the sun is finally making it’s appearance, and oh yeah, my birthday is around the corner so I’m expecting everyone I have given my love and attention to to be in full-blown planning mode! I don’t want anything crazy, just maybe a huge surprise party with everyone I know and anyone notable that I haven’t met yet. You don’t have to go out of your way because I’m super earthy, but please ensure that the music is sexy and everyone is dressed up, okay?


7aaff17dca0706bec24e5502428da57e.jpgThe thing about being Taurus is that we are in a constant tug-of-war between being no-frills Earthy and straight up Venus Goddesses. Since we are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, we delight in expensive objects and anything that makes us feel like the sensual and gorgeous creatures we are. But as a fixed Earth sign, we also crave the comforts of routine and stability. We are loyal beyond measure, so be warned that once we give our hearts to someone, be it a significant other or a close confidant, we are ALL IN. It takes quite a lot to anger us, but RUN for cover once we reach the peak. If you want to keep your Taurus BFF happy, here’s a handy cheat sheet:


Remember that we aren’t too keen on sudden change (it’s all about that comfort thing!) and we need to feel the love. Don’t bail at the last minute unless it’s a serious emergency. Otherwise, we are going to passive aggressively ignore your calls and texts until you show us you are really sorry. We are stubborn!


Again, being ruled by Venus makes it a little more expensive to love us. If you are tight for cash, a simple gift card for a mani-pedi would be great! As Earthy as we are, we still love to look and feel our best. Things we love include good food (make sure to read those Yelp reviews), savvy art museums or galleries (anything full of beauty and inspiration), pampering, designer anything, good wine, and being surrounded by our best Vinas!


We tend to give more of ourselves to the people we love than can realistically be given back, though we can’t help but expect it sometimes. A taurus will always be there for you and loves to be the one you call when you need to talk it out or cry to someone who will totally understand. Make sure you carve out some time to check on your Taurus Vina every now-and-then, just to make her day! We don’t like gossip either, preferring to keep it real at all times (the Earthy side). It’s really that simple. Also, hearing “You’re my best friend” is like heavenly music to our ears.

If you have a Taurus BFF, you have a friend for life. Just ensure that they know how much you love them and everything will be good, forever. If you’re a fellow Taurus, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (finally)! Share this with your Taurus vinas!

(Feature images via Tigermlk)

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