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I recently binge-watched the Netflix series Girlboss, which is (very) loosely based on the come-up of the OG #girlboss herself, Sophia Amoruso. Her personal style and badass demeanor helped birth the California-chic vintage fashion site Nasty Gal loved by millennials far and wide. My recents thoughts after watching the fictionalized version of Amoruso, who has been described as an “unapologetic, badass, hustler” by the creators was “Wow, I would have really disliked being friends with her.” 

Frankly, the character portrayal of Sophia on Girlboss is a familiar trope. The genius who also happens to be a major asshole. However, unlike other characters that fall into this trope (AKA House on House, or Dr. Cox on Scrubs), there are very few redeeming qualities to this main character. While her hustler and pseudo-riot girl attitude is admirable, she’s kind of just a plain old bad friend. In the process of creating her business, makes serious mistakes when it comes to her family, romantic relationships, and friendships that are hard to look past.

If you watched the series and thought the same as us, join in on reflecting what we can learn by NOT following this gal’s example.


giphy (25)

From the get-go Sophia comes across as fiercely independent, but also insolent and rude, refusing help even when needed the most. She also bizarrely blows off her dad’s help and spends the majority of the next couple of episodes desperately trying to make money in the light of facing an eviction and actively suffering through a hernia because she doesn’t have health insurance. We get that being independent is a “boss” trait to have, but risking your health in the process is NOT worth it!


giphy (26)

In multiple scenes and episodes, Sophia constantly demonstrates traits of a bad listener by interrupting her friends as they try to talk to her. Her need to make everything constantly about herself instead of looking out for her friends (or just listening to them) makes it very difficult to like her as a character. Friendship is a two-way street, you can’t selfishly make things all about yourself. Do better than Sophia, and brush up on your active listening skills.


giphy (28).gif

It was so hard for root for Sophia when her E-Bay account got shut down. She clearly had never heard of the saying “As you sow, so shall you reap.”  Sophia continuously burns bridges with other women in her industry (not to mention friends and family).



Sophia constantly exploits her BFF Annie as free labor, who goes out of her way to support Sophia’s dreams and aspirations. She’s snaps at all of her friends and coworkers, all the time, taking out her stresses on them. Even her neighbor, played by Ru Paul, who extends every kindness, gets nothing in return. Sophia uses the people around her as a means to an end and shows very little compassion. Being nice will get you everywhere. Nobody wants to be besties with someone who’s always mean. That’s like, grade-school level friendship knowledge.

Sophia’s unflagging unhappiness was the biggest cautionary tale I took away from Girlboss. Being an egomaniac, self-absorbed, jerk and doing things YOUR way with little regard for who you hurt (especially your friends) in the process may get you what you want in the moment. But being a bad friend and burning bridges only results in a bad reputation and loneliness.

(Feature Image: Crossthenetflix)

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