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In the age of technology, phone and video interviews are becoming more prevalent. In the essence of time, many managers, myself included, do phone screenings before even scheduling an in-person interview. Here’s what you need to know and how to prepare for your virtual meeting:


Recently, I did a phone interview and the candidate seemed as if they didn’t know I was calling at that appointed time. In addition, she didn’t even seem excited to speak with me. She then put me on hold while she found a quiet place to speak. Most managers are fine with being put on hold, but make sure when you ask, you’re polite. 


4388dd262dc0a070e6cb18b95a78eb11.jpgI’m a big believer in look good/ feel good. It’s even proven in science. For a video call, it is important to look composed and professional (even if you are just at home on your couch). In the case of of the phone, nope they can’t see you but you can see you, and that still counts.


The basics of interviewing still apply here. As for any interview, practice makes perfect. Send your vina a list of questions and ask her to randomly call you- if you can answer them on the spot, you’ll do great when the actual interview comes around.  


No one wants to here you stutter or see you look down repeatedly as you go through your work history. If you are asking a potential employer to take you seriously, make sure you know what information you have given them inside and out!


Answer with a professional greeting when you answer the phone. “Hey” is not an appropriate way to address a hiring manager. They are not your friend. I know it’s natural and often unexpected but try your best not to yawn. If you do have to yawn during video, make sure you cover your mouth. Politeness is rewarded. Please and thank you become even more important during audio or video interviews as you’re not in the same room with the hiring manager. Guaranteed these things will put you ahead because talking on the phone is a lost art. I’m always super impressed by someone who has good phone etiquette. 


This one pertains mostly to phone interviews, but can apply to video as well. Remember, when someone can not see your face while you speak, certain emotions come across as negative. For instance, when I’m intrigued, my voice hits an octave that portrays to friends that I’m upset. A good tip: don’t react immediately to what the hiring manager is asking you. Take a deep breath first and then answer. 


For a phone, be in a quiet place with no background noise. If on video, pick a background that isn’t distracting. This is not the time to display your favorite “Where’s Waldo” art installation. 

Phone and video interviews are only going to become more frequently used in the future so make sure you’re prepared and use the tips above. Have any advice for fellow callers? Let us know in the comments! 

(featured imaged via pintrest)

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