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you'll never move up if you don't reach for the ladder- here's how to take the first steps

To become the head Vina in charge, one must take charge of their professional life. You take pride in the work you produce, have no problem working extra hours and have volunteered for extra projects all while looking super chic in the finest professional attire. You may feel as though you’ve exhausted your time in your current position and are looking for a new challenge. If you’re looking to expand and conquer a new beast at your company, don’t be afraid to speak up.

According to a study conducted by Glamour, 57% of women have never asked for a raise. No matter the profession, asking for a promotion or raise can sound daunting, but with the right preparation, you’ll exude confidence and humility Don’t know where to start? Below are four tips on pitching and securing your desired raise or promotion.


When talking numbers and titles, upper management and leadership want to know the details of your proposed raise or promotion. How much of a salary increase are you expecting? Will you be managing people and if so, have you gone through any type of management or leadership training? Do you have a streamlined blueprint for your path at the company? These are questions that leadership will need answers to, especially when they’re investing in someone’s growth within an organization.


Every meeting has an agenda, and before pitching your promotion or raise, take the time to compile a succinct list of accomplishments and contributions you’ve made thus far. Seeing firm data always helps, so be sure to provide accurate results that show your value and what you’ve contributed to your work environment.This shows that you’re of great value to your team and will make your employer want to keep you for the long haul.


You should go into every meeting with a game plan, and this occasion is no exception. Set up a formal meeting and send email invites to block calendars. Make agendas for attendees; its a small gesture, but it shows how seriously you’re taking this meeting. If you want to make a presentation, you can create a PowerPoint or Prezi that serves as your aid and will guide you through the meeting.


WHITE+LADYBRAG.pngKendrick Lamar’s newest hit stated to “be humble”, but in order to get your desired promotion or raise, you have to believe in your capabilities and your ability to effectively perform in the workplace. This is the time to showcase your strengths and you should never sell yourself short. Remain modest and respectful, but don’t be afraid to talk about what makes you a deserving candidate.

While it would be nice if raises and promotions were handed to us, sometimes you have to go grab it yourself. Any experiences or advice for women who are going after it? Let us know in the comments!

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