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"I'll take a chicken quesadilla. Oh, and a Crunchwrap Supreme. Plus an order of nachos. With a large drink. Please!"

We’ve all had those moments at the bar where we stop and think, What is going on? This is the precise moment your alter drunk girl ego decides to make her appearance. We all have one. Soon enough, you’re dancing on a table to a song you didn’t know the words to at the beginning of the night or consuming far more calories of fast food than you drank. So when you’re a few drinks deep, what’s your drunk girl personality?


No matter how much movies and shows try to shove the crying-over-your-ex trope down our throats, the truth of the matter is most drunk girls are crying over this: absolute nothing. Are you tired? Who knows. Hungry? Probably.  Watch a cute corgi video on Facebook? Maybe! But whatever happened, you’re now in an Uber home while covered in mascara. Sometimes you just need to let it out, vina!


The Muncher is my favorite drunk personality! After a few drinks, this vina is getting hungry. You will probably order some mozzarella sticks and a pretzel

via urbanoutfitters.com

from the bar. And while you’re waiting, you’ll bring out the leftover Flaming Hot Cheetos from your purse. There’s also a 90 percent chance that you request that your Uber driver make a pit stop at the Taco Bell drive-thru on the way home. It’s probably best to take home an extra quesadilla, right? And maybe a Crunchwrap too.


Have you ever been standing at the bar with your bestie to order drinks, turn around and poof, she’s magically disappeared? Then you’ve got a drifter on your hands. This vina is constantly on the move.  Although you want her to stay out of trouble for the night, it’s hard to keep an eye on her long enough to ensure that she is. One minute she’s chatting up friends; the next, she’s gone. But no matter how far she drifts, she always finds her way back to you.


This girl is the life of the party. When you walk into the bar, your hands are up and ready to wave around for the night. You show your excitement by “wooing” at everyone and everything. Favorite song comes on. “WOO!” You take a shot. “WOO!” You watched a cute corgi video on Facebook! Double “WOO!” Once you’re out and in your element, everything is exciting and fresh, and you are going to make sure the whole club knows it.

Find some vinas to “WOO!” with on the Hey! VINA app. Download it here.

(Featured image via breakfastatyurmans.tumblr.com)

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