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Worried about making a lasting first impression? It's so much simpler than you think!

One thing that I know I do well is make a first impression. Granted there are some that I’m not super proud of, but I know that good or bad, they stick with people. I’ve been told many times from people that they will never forget the first time they met me because of something I did or said.

*Cue facepalm*


One story a friend of mine loves to tell is our first day of 6th grade. We were both getting out of our moms’ Toyotas and I looked at her, gave her the thumbs up and said, “Toyota…feel the power” (which was Toyota’s slogan at the time). She looked at me a little funny, but something between us just clicked and we have been friends ever since.

First interactions can be weird, nerve-racking, and even downright scary. However, they can also be incredibly fun, exciting, and meaningful. Most first encounters are a total surprise so there is very little time to prepare for them. And the ones that you actually can prepare for like, interviews, business meetings or first dates still get those butterflies zipping around in your stomach. Harnessing your nervousness and intertwining that with your excitement can really help make that first impression stick in their memory.

In general we like to meet people that seem upbeat and mutually excited to meet us.  When we talk to someone who is blasé, we wonder, “Wow am I really that boring?” So no matter who you’re talking to, try and crank up the hype. Bringing energy to the conversation makes a big difference!

Some people really know how to turn on the charm. If you are one of these people, that’s awesome! But turning on the magic can be difficult for others. Not everyone is comfortable throwing out compliments, and if you are like me, chances are that you have a hard time giving a compliment without it sounding forced. So don’t force it. Don’t force the joke, the compliment, the story. Just be natural.

What has worked so well for me in the past is being completely myself– social awkwardness and all. I find that when I force the conversation, the impression I’m working so hard to make doesn’t land as well as my others have when I was just being my weird ole’ self.


So vinas, do your best to bring yourself, whoever that may be, to the table and lay it out. Give people a little sample of what you’re about and let them figure out if they want to know more about you. Sometimes you will think things went horribly wrong, only to realize that something you did or said turned a seemingly casual first interaction into one the other person will never forget.


Ever thought you made the worst impression that turned out to be a great lasting impression? Tell us about it in the comments!


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