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Do you love collage? Do you love introspection? This may be your new favorite activity!

Soul Collage® is a process created by Seena Frost in the late 1980s. It’s basically a combination of tarot and collage. You collage your own set of cards that are representative of different aspects of your soul and personality. It is a nurturing and intuitive experience that allows you to get more in touch with yourself, your needs, and your creativity. So how do you get started?


Light a candle, set up a productive space, and get to work. Take your time flipping through your magazines and images- you will know when an image or card composition feels “right.” Trust your instincts. Sometimes you will make cards that are based on a specific agenda, such as a companion card for an animal you feel connected to or a community card that is centered around a good friend. Other times you will find that you are drawn to images without intention. Lean in to this feeling and allow yourself to form a card without considering meaning, it will come later.  Look online to figure out how to do your own readings.


If you want some assistance getting started, there are soul collage groups and workshops in most major cities, and even in less populated areas! Do a quick online search to find a workshop near you. Bring a vina for a bonding session and watch it turn into a deep connected ritual between the two of you!


Once you’ve learned how the whole process works, host collage sessions at your home and form a club! All you need is a bunch of card stock, magazines, and a calm spiritual environment. This can be a great community activity, and will bring you closer together with your vinas!
What do you think about soul collage? Tag a vina and comment below. 
(Featured Image via Polyvore)

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