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Once a year we all celebrate Earth and everything we appreciate about the nature around us.  We take the day to plant trees, pickup trash, and show how we could live sustainably.  The positivity that comes from Earth day is amazing, but why not live everyday like Earth day?  Here’s how you could make that happen.


Recycling and composting is going beyond common. Cities all over the world are making recycling and composting in your homes mandatory when it comes to trash removal, and I think this is a huge step in the right direction.  Recycling not only saves energy, but can help reduce our current climate change.  With a reduction of greenhouse gases emitted into our environment we could really see a difference.


Huge amounts of fossil fuels are used to get your fruits and veggies to your local grocery stores.  Not only can you avoid this by growing your own produce, but you can support your neighbors in this process.  Hit up your local farmers market and get organic fruits and vegetables from people who live around you.  Farmers market’s are booming now and city farms are more popular than ever.


If you live in an area where you are able to take a bus, train or subway to and from work, then this could be a way to help reduce fossil fuels used.  Not only are you using sustainable transportation, but you can save money in the long run.  If you do not have access to public transport then work out a carpool system with co-workers or friends.  You can even bring your bike out and enjoy the fresh air.



Find local groups in your area that are looking to help change the environment.  You could propose making a local garden or bee apiary to help sustain life around you.  Saving the Earth can be fun, especially when you’re doing it with friends. Volunteering can not only make a difference in your life but could also encourage others to join in like local vinas!


Plastics such as water bottles, food wrappers and grocery bags are commonly thrown away and not used towards recycling.  Throwing these items away has a negative impact on our environment as the largest current impact on ocean pollution.  These plastics get thrown away and end up in our waters not only polluting our local beaches, but potentially harming the animals that reside in the environment.  Use refillable bottles made of materials like stainless steal, and have reusable shopping bags on hand if you need to go shopping.  Canvas bags are perfect to take with you to the farmers market, and make great accessories!


One small step to saving energy is knowing how your appliances are used within your home.  While we don’t all have solar panels to run our homes yet, there are a few small adjustments you can take to make a difference.  Making sure you have a programable thermostat in your home, using energy efficient appliances, and having properly insulated windows are just a few of these adjustments.  The biggest difference, and easily accessible one that you can make, is using energy efficient or LED lightbulbs throughout your house.  They can cut your energy usage to nearly half that of a fluorescent lightbulb.  Not only do you save energy, but the light these bulbs produce has a daylight effect that can make your house seem brighter for less!

There are many different ways that we can make a difference and improve our Earth by living our lives sustainably.  Take a step and see what you can change in your daily life to make everyday Earth Day, and get your vinas on board, too!  Comment below and let us know what steps you have taken!

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