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OMG you guys this article is SO on point...

Whether your group chat takes the form of texting, slacking, GroupMe or Facebook Messenger, the current era of mini chat rooms has promoted an oddly exclusive and cliquish platform for conversation. But IMO there are more ups than downs. I mean, in a virtual sense, you’re always hanging out with your friends. Interestingly enough, our personalities over GC do not necessarily correlate with our real life roles in our friend groups. Read on to find out what group chat persona you are, and which are your vinas.


This is the friend who literally never says anything… ever. You know they get the notifications, you know that they must be reading it (right?). Sometimes it’s the number you don’t have, sometimes its one of your besties in your most intimate GC. You know she doesn’t hate you all…so what’s up?


You know which friend this is. The comic who goes a step beyond tagging you in hilariously relatable content. I mean, its not her fault that all of the best memes apply to your whole squad!


This friend always has a serious link for you to look at. Whenever she posts you already know that you’re going to be looking at an article about how the bees are dying, or a shockingly politically incorrect thing that some institution did. She keeps you informed and talking about the stuff that matters, so you’re only (kind of) annoyed.


This friend highly resembles the lurker, but instead of saying nothing, she just comments “hahaha” to everything or “likes” your messages. She has a full presence, but contributes very little.


This friend is the resident stalker. She screen shots texts, Facebook posts, Insta photos etc. with an acronym such as “lol” or “omg” and waits for the rest of the group to throw shade. She is the evil queen who never actually says anything evil, just lights the fuse and sits back to watch the explosion.
Tag a vina who will relate and comment below! 
(Featured Image via Mujer y Punto)

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