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Your star sign says a lot about your friendship future.

Hey, mystical, magical vinas! What’s your sign? Have you ever wondered how it might affect your friendships? And who’s the best friend for you according to the stars? Check out this list of what your zodiac sign says about how you make friends🔮 .


Ohh, hey Aries. You’re the type of vina that makes friends fast because you’re brave, a little bit impulsive, and you have this great high energy (that can sometimes be hard to keep up with)! You can be dominant in friendships and even choose to fly solo from time to time. You generally choose where and when to hang out with your vinas. You are fantastic for friends who are indecisive, but be careful–you can sometimes be seen as bossy or controlling. Never fear, though. Aries vinas are always willing to change and, more importantly, willing to listen to others.

Aries vinas are playful, adventurous, witty, and a little sarcastic. They can be a pretty shrewd judge of the truth, so be sure not to lie to them. An Aries vina wears her heart on her sleeve and you generally know how they’re feeling. Aries, you’re the one deciding on the happy hour location, and then spontaneously heading out for late-night karaoke or pizza. You’ve got great energy and that draws people to you!

Aries’ ideal BFF would be someone like a Libra, who can bring them back down to earth.


Hey, Taurus vina. You’re reliable, loyal, relaxed, and patient–all of the ingredients for a fantastic lifelong friend. Your vinas often feel comfortable enough to confide in you, and you generally carry their secrets with you in total confidence. You know why? It’s because you’re a fantastic listener, Taurus. You can often be found on the listening end of a convo rather than the speaking end, and that’s okay.

But let’s get all of the “bull” out of the way, shall we? Taureans are famously known for being stubborn and inflexible, and have been known to withdraw from the crowd if they’re not into the scene. Don’t poke the bull: Taurus vinas will dig in and not let up!

Taurus vinas are bomb-ass travel buddies because they’re so relaxed and patient, leading to an overall chill feel to your road trip. You’re ambitious and creative, and it’s inspiring to those who are drawn to you. You accept people for their faults and they love that about you, vina!

A Taurus vina’s ideal BFF would be a Pisces – their loyal, unselfish nature will harmonize with yours nicely. As a plus, they won’t butt heads with you when you feel a bit stubborn. 😉


Twin-sign vina, you are totally socially connected. You’re usually the bridge between lots of different friend groups, and there is never a dull moment around you! A Gemini vina is the life of the party. You’ve got a huge circle of friends, but only a couple close friends who you allow to see you really vulnerable. You’re flexible and generally up for anything!

Gemini vinas are fantastic conversationalists and that’s part of what makes them so magnetic. You’re intellectual and probing, always trying to get the latest deets. They’re the ones at the cocktail party carrying the conversation, but also making sure they learn about everyone else. Their social calendar is likely to be pretty full.

Geminis are the representation of cosmic yin and yang, so with all that awesomeness comes a few drawbacks. Geminis can be a little flaky, and sometimes wait until the last minute to make plans. After all, what if better plans come along once you’ve committed? This can paint you as unfocused or scatterbrained, but you’re a vina that’s got stuff to do and places to go!

A Gemini’s bestie might be an Aquarius: easygoing, go-with-the-flow, and ready to deal with Gemini ‘moods’ that may arise. They’re intuitive enough to know how to back off and give you the space you need when you need it.


Hey there, Cancer homie! No, literally. Cancer vinas are likely all about home. Cancer vinas are the types that like to grow roots somewhere, and because of that, their friends often become family. They are fierce protectors of their family and friends! Cancers give everything they have for strong friendships, and friendship is a two-way street to them. No fair-weather friends here, vinas.

The Cancer vina can likely be found buying stuff for their home …after all, that’s their favorite place to spend time. Chill nights in are right up your alley! Grab some pizza, some rosé, and watch a fantastic Netflix show, or get a good workout in with your Cancer vinas. Cancers do have a tendency to be a little more lazy, but they just need a little push.

Best friend for a Cancer? Sagittarius. Sag can also be introspective, and Cancer can be drawn to their more philosophical deep-thinking nature. Their conversations have to be pretty stellar!


Leo vinas, you love the spotlight! You’re generous, loyal, and adored by many. Don’t you feel happiest when the spotlight is on you? Most Leos do.🦁

Leos love being a priority, so they may have many, many best friends. Leos are fantastic at socializing, and often can be found cheering you up when you’re feeling down. They’re magnetic and charismatic and are okay with all eyes on them.

Since Leos love excitement, a great way to hang with them is playing sports or working out, because they’re a natural in the gym. They’re creative, idealistic, and natural leaders, so you can count on them to be the captain of your recreational softball team. On the flip side, Leos can be seen as a bit too bossy and vain–even if they wouldn’t agree.

A Leo’s BFF might be a Capricorn. Capricorns are really selfless and that can balance out the pomposity of our lovely Leo vinas. Their adventures would abound since Leos love to jump in head first!


Virgo vinas – you’re typically quiet and gentle, and totally a natural underdog. You don’t stand for injustice, especially for any other underdogs! Your vinas value you for your practical advice and organizational skills–you’re perfect for taking along for a trip to IKEA or the Container Store so that you can help your vinas organize. You love doing stuff for others, but you can feel a little frustrated when you feel like what you’re doing isn’t enough.

Virgo vinas, since they can be a little shy, will likely need someone to make the first move for them. Virgo vinas prefer to be asked out for a coffee date first! Virgos need friends who are attentive to their needs, so they like to surround themselves with vinas that give as much as they take. Virgos are meticulous planners 🤔, so if you’ve got a lot of planning and scheming to do, they’re your vina!

A best friend to a Virgo? Aries vinas. Aries are creative and whimsical, and Virgo will enjoy that, leading to some really interesting and stimulating conversation. In addition, Virgo can balance out their Aries bestie’s penchant for impulsiveness.


Libra: our social butterfly! Libra vinas have excellent social connections and very good taste. This is a super social sign, so they can usually be found with large friend groups. They’re fair, gracious, and often diplomatic. This makes Libra vinas great mediators. They listen and give spot-on advice.

You can find Libra vinas at popular social events like gallery openings, meeting and greeting everyone in the room. Or maybe a wine tasting, or a party. They’re probably dialed into every social network because that’s what they’re all about! Because Libras are so social, sometimes they have a hard time keeping secrets. In addition, Libras can tend to be a little indecisive – so they may leave plans up in the air.

A Libra’s bestie might be found in a Leo vina, since Libras are drawn to Leo’s natural power and royalty. With how much a Leo might want to be in the spotlight and driver’s seat, Libra vinas will happily go along with it because they know they’ll have a lot of fun.


Oh you secretive Scorpio vinas – you’re definitely guarded, but generally loyal friends! Scorpios generally prefer solitude and definitely devote a lot of time to themselves. But as private as you Scorpio vinas are, you’re also charismatic and definitely down to party and socialize (and, in fact, you sometimes love being the center of attention in those situations!).

Scorpios are fiercely loyal and are looking for commitment, even in their regular friendships. They are your ride-or-die and will always have your back. Scorpio, you’ll go to bat for anyone you love – and watch out for those who cross you! Scorpios love mystery, so a great vina date with them might be to an estate sale, or even to go get your tarot cards read. Scorpio, you also love meeting your vinas somewhere quiet, like a coffee shop.

A Scorpio vina’s BFF? Aquarius. Aquarians are reserved and unobtrusive, and don’t bother Scorpio by prodding too much about their personal life. They also love the mysterious so they can often be found discussing life’s great mysteries.


Sagittarius vinas, you know where the fun is! You’re an adventurer and an explorer, and in some cases an eternal optimist. You love friends who are down to seek out the unexpected–why not try skydiving with them? Or mountain climbing, or a backpacking trip, or even trying all of the newest hottest night spots in town?

Because Sagittarius vinas are so explorative and adventurous, they can feel bogged down by people when they are being needy or emotional, and can come off cold to those people. You’re direct, honest, and blunt; you really live a no-BS type lifestyle. That makes you a pretty good judge of character and you value people who are real and genuine.

Who would make an ideal BFF for the adventurous, exciting Sagittarius vina? A Capricorn – they also live a no-BS lifestyle and you guys can definitely get along with being the realest.


Hey there Capricorn! You’re an ambitious vina – you’re goal oriented and you’re always trying to get to the top! Because you’re used to the climb, you’ve usually got friends in high places. You’re very loyal and likely have a lot of long-term friendships in your life. You’re a hard worker, a planner, and definitely always focused on your goals.

Capricorn, you’re the type of vina that loves planning, so you find yourself having a hard time with people who are too spontaneous. You can seem a bit aloof and detached, and also have a hard time with clingy people. You might love planning the perfect vina weekend for you and your friends–activities, meals, everything –planning it all is your forte!

A Capricorn vina’s ideal BFF might be a Sagittarius. Sagittarians are high-intensity, so this can be a really interesting and fruitful contrast for a careful, calculating Capricorn.


Aquarius vinas, did you know your sign is the sign of friendship?! You’re total naturals at this! You’re the embodiment of social networking, and you’re very savvy on the latest and greatest when it comes to social media, too. You’re known for your futuristic vision. You’re independent and self-reliant, deeply loyal and compassionate. You’re super creative and generally have a pretty awesome sense of style.

Your creative and futuristic ways can also give you a rather detached point of view, causing you to seem a bit aloof. In fact, you tend to avoid emotion in favor of being social. So you may not have the easiest time at a tearjerking poetry reading, but a great gallery hop or something more social, like thrifting dates with your vinas, might be right up your alley.

Aquarian BFF? Taurus. Taurean vinas are generally softhearted friends, and they can bring a good bit of emotion and connectedness to normally-aloof Aquarians.


Come in for a hug, Pisces! You’re emotional and compassionate and caring. You are so spiritual and many of your friends truly value your intuition and your insights. You’re also very selfless and always willing to help others, often knowing you might not get anything back. Also, you may have a bit of artistic talent!

Because you’re so emotional and caring, Pisces, you have to be careful: you may from time to time get taken advantage of! You’re also reserved at making new friends, so any vinas who are buds with you have been through a (unbeknownst to them) lengthy vetting process in order to win your friendship. Since you’re so creative, a fantastic vina date for you and your vinas is an art show, a gallery hop, or even one of those wine and painting dealios.

A bestie for the emotional, intuitive Pisces vina might be a Scorpio. Scorpios are mysterious and will keep Pisces on their toes without emotionally taking advantage of them. Adventures in creativity and intuition abound!


  1. Guess what? Don’t have any scorpion friends! My friends are Pisces and Sagittarius. And from a lengthy description only the first paragraph is kind of true – the rest – not me at all.


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