We've all channeled Donna Meagle.

It’s the weekend, vinas, which means it’s time for the rollercoaster of emotions that is partying. This is usually how it goes:

giphy (11).gif

Then I think, or not

giphy (2).gif

Actually no—let’s do this sh*t!

giphy (3).gif

Then I meet up with my vinas, and we let the bad bitches in us take over:

giphy (5).gif

And we proceed to do this:

giphy (4)

And even though, we feel like this:

giphy (6).gif

We know we’re lookin’ like this:

giphy (7).gif

But we really don’t give any f*cks!

giphy (12).gif

And when the creeps come out, we’re like:

giphy (8).gif

But they keep comin’!

giphy (10).gif

So we just make this our mantra:

giphy (9)

As the night goes on, we start to worry about each other:

giphy (13).gif

But it’s still the best night ever!

giphy (14)


giphy (15).gif

Sort of…giphy (16).gif

But it’s all good because we end the night like this:

giphy (17).gif

Knowing tomorrow this will be us all day:

giphy (19).gif

Tell us what your vinas’ night out looks like in the comments below!

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