Vinas love vino.

Whether it’s a bag of the fruity booze or a pricey bottle of Prosecco, there’s something on the spectrum for everyone. Now, read up on what your favorite vino says about you and your vinas:


Of your squad, you’re the sweetest, which makes you loved all-around. You’re a bit of a wallflower, but despite your quietness, you’re wildly independent, and your vinas respect this about you. You are unstoppable.


You’re very old school but not in a stuffy way—you just love honoring traditions, whether those be social traditions or ones specific to you and your loved ones. You’re a true romantic and pride yourself in being down-to-earth.


You’re sassy and bold. Your love for life is contagious. Your vivacious nature keeps you always on the move, so you’re worldlier and more well-traveled than most your pals. This gives you an air of sophistication and an elevated awareness of those around you.


If your vinas were to sum you up in one word, it would be “classy.” But don’t mistake this sophistication for snobbery. You’re as easygoing as you are elegant. This balance makes you incredibly unique—a true standout amongst your peers.


You are absolutely beautiful, but there’s more than meets the eye. Those who know you will recognize your beauty exudes from within as well. Your complexness makes you intriguing as well as empathetic and understanding.


You embody fun. Your vinas can always count on you to be the life of the party. Your go-with-the-flow attitude makes you everyone’s favorite person to spend time with. Along with your carefreeness comes an air of mystery, which only draws others to you further.

Share this with your vinas to figure out which wine you are! 

(Featured image via @juliahengel)

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