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Is your BFF a micromanager? That's okay! They're just looking out for you, vinas!

I feel you, vinas—sometimes you just wanna spend that last twenty dollars in your bank account on a mani or a couple beers! I mean you’re getting paid again in two weeks—you don’t have to eat real food until then anyway! But, it can be difficult when your mom ahem BFF is not-so-subtly judging you, like Are you sure you want to do that?

giphy (1)Keep a few things in mind, next time you wanna tell your BFF to mind their own f-ing business.


For real, though—remember that you’re BFFs for a reason. They care about you and just want to make sure you will be able to eat real food before your next paycheck! It’s hard to focus on where everyone else is coming from, especially when you’re trying to adult all by yourself. But in all honesty, your vina has the best intentions!


Repeat it with me—they have the best intentions. But tbh, it can get annoying. It’s totally understandable if your BFF calling you out all the time gets to you—the most important thing is to not bottle this stuff up, because you will explode. I think the best way to address it is in the moment. If your vina makes a comment that irks you, tell them right then and there. It’ll just make matters worse if you wait and awkwardly bring it up a month after the fact.


It’s tough telling your BFF that they’re annoying the sh*t out of you, right? Actually, no—it can make you closer! But remember, since you’re keeping in mind that your vina is coming from a good place, you should come from a good place too! Just tell them how you feel, and let them know that you appreciate the input.


Does your BFF give you sometimes-unsolicited advice? Tell us about it in the comments!

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