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Get in the spirit of this unofficial holiday by finding out your 4/20 persona!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (in states where weed is legal)! Get in the spirit of 4/20 by checking below to see which 4/20 persona describes you and your vinas best:


If just the smell o weed has your stomach growling, you’re the muncher. You know just where to go when the munchies hit. If anyone is looking for the largest amount of greasy food for the cheapest price, you’re the one to call. Pizzas are meant to be enjoyed solo, right?

slack-imgs (1).jpg


23bThere’s something about the herb that connects you to the earth and universe. While you may feel like you’ve figured out the secret to life, this temporary wisdom will wear off as soon as the high does. Hopefully one of your friends wrote down all of your epiphanies to laugh about later.




“Was that a cop?” you say as you friend’s phone rings. “She totally knows we’re high” you observe about the total stranger that just walked past you (who totally doesn’t know you’re high). While it may suck for you to feel so paranoid, it’s always good to have someone who’s on their toes!



You’ve been laughing for five minutes straight but can’t remember the joke… or better yet- you couldn’t even share the joke because you started laughing so hard. Your uncontrollable laughter is funnier than any joke, and is contagious to other stoners while confusing to the sobers.



“Me, myself, and high” is your motto. For you, the high life is better lived solo. You prefer to do your own thing, and the best part- all the weed to yourself. Whether practicing introspection or spending hours watching netflix, you realize that weed is the only company you need to keep.



There’s no shame in puff, puff, passing out. However, keep in mind that most people have phones with cameras that can turn your beauty sleep into eternal blackmail. Not everyone looks as cute as Rihanna when the weed coma hits, so try to take refuge in a comfy blanket whenever possible.


Get in the spirit and share this with your stoner vinas! Did we fail to capture your persona? Let us know what we missed in the comments! 


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