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As the wise Sheryl Crow once said, "I wanna soak up the sun..."

Our girl Sheryl Crow had the right idea when she said she wanted to soak up the sun. As much damage as overexposure to the sun can cause, it sure does have its benefits as well. Here’s what a healthy dose of natural heat can do for you:

  1. Helps alleviate some symptoms of depression.
  2. Boosts the immune system.
  3. Improves skin disorders, such as acne and eczema.
  4. Kills bacteria.
  5. Aids in curing breast cancer.
  6. Lowers blood pressure.

  7. Increases the amount of oxygen in your body.
  8. Heightens sleep quality.
  9. Bolsters brain functioning.
  10. Speeds up metabolism.
  11. Reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
  12. Preserves eye health.
  13. Boosts fertility.
  14. Lessens period problems.
  15. Decreases the risk of certain types of cancer.
  16. Drops levels of cholesterol.
  17. Strengthens teeth.
  18. Relieves bodily aches and pains.
  19. Treats asthma symptoms.
  20. Protects against heart disease.

Convinced yet? Grab your squad and some sunnies, and head out.

Have you experienced any of these sunny benefits firsthand? Let us know in the comments!

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