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Your two BFFs who were so perfect together broke up. Why does everything bad happen to you, right? Think again.

It’s your parents’ divorce all over again, and the world is falling apart. Love is dead, and you have no idea how you are going to move on with your life. Your two BFFs who were perfect for each other broke up—why does everything bad happen to you, right?

Think again.

It’s hard when love ends, but this breakup isn’t about you. Sorry for the tough love, but breakups are actually toughest on the people who were in love. Having been in the situation, I totally understand it’s hard on you, too, but just don’t make the mistakes I did.


I know I already said this, but it’s really important. When my BFFs broke up, I went through the natural stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Yes, I did make it to acceptance, but that anger stage was a doozy. I set them up, so how dare they be so ungrateful?! And they just threw out three years of bliss—do they think that kind of connection comes around all the time?! I’m not even going to go into what the bargaining looked like. It got weird, vinas. #Realtalk though, I now realize what a crappy friend I was. Be there for your friends! If they’re not making you pick sides, then they are definitely putting you first, so return the favor. Make your heartbroken BFFs the priority.


If you haven’t been through this already, I assure you that you will try to get your friends back together because you know what’s best for everyone, right? Wrong. Seriously, setting up situations where your friends have to be in close quarters after they break up is going to make things awkward for everyone. So just don’t do it! After some time passes, you are going to expect things to go back to the way they were and you three can kick it like BFFs again. This is rare, vinas. It’s highly unlikely that your BFFs who broke up are going to be good friends again, even if they’re both still friends with you. There’s just always going to be that elephant in the room, so be practical and respectful.


TBH, it really is hard to see two of your good friends break up. Even harder to not take sides! Instead of focusing on your opinion regarding the situation, it’s best to just listen. Nod your head, but don’t agree or participate in ex-bashing, especially if you still consider yourself close to both parties. Ultimately, your friends are struggling, so just be there for them. And trust me, it’ll feel like you can’t escape the situation, especially with both your friends leaning on you for support, but there will come a time when you aren’t the one who both of them call crying at 3 a.m. anymore. And it’ll be beautiful. You’ll get there!

Have you ever been in this sitch, vinas? Tell us how you dealt with it in the comments!

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