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Writers need other writers. Here's how to find your blogging buddies!

Starting a blog can be a bit daunting. I mean, who is going to read it? What will you write? Will it be any good? It’s hard to get past all the doubts!

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What you need is encouragement from fellow bloggers! The best way to accumulate an avid audience of readers, brainstorm new ideas, and get constructive feedback all in one is to start your own blogger club! Here are a few tips on getting started.


This is a great way to use Hey! VINA. Reach out and accumulate a group of friends who have the blogging bug and get started! You may need to be a bit persistent, but once you get into the swing of things, it’ll all be worth it.


Pencil in who is going to host each week or month, your call. If it’s your turn, bake some cookies, set up a comfy space, and prepare some brainstorming prompts and ice breakers. This keeps people accountable when it’s their turn, and everyone loves a party, especially a blogging one!


If you’re hosting, print out an article or two on how to be a great peer editor, how to cultivate a blog aesthetic, and promotion tactics. Do that research, vinas!


Take time at the end of each meeting to assign each other the task of reading someone elses post before it goes live! A tip for being a peer editor: try not to remove your vina’s voice, focus more on grammar and clean sentences. It’s nice to give feedback in the form of a compliment sandwich as well (compliment, constructive feedback, compliment).


Once your vinas’ articles go live, share them on Twitter and Facebook! Ask first if it is okay, but most of the time, especially if it is a public blog, it will be super appreciated!

Do you have any cool ideas for your blogger club? Tag a vina and comment below! 

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