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You are never too old for these slumber party favorites!

Growing older doesn’t have to mean growing out of sleepovers. In fact, having a sleepover with your vinas can be a great way to feel young and rejuvenated. Here are some classic sleepover games that are bound to strengthen the bond between you and your vinas:


This might seem pointless when you aren’t on a bus full of kids daring one of them to eat a piece of gum from under the seat (or was that just me…?). While we might never run out of “truths”, it seems harder to come up with dares as we age- or maybe we aren’t getting creative enough! Depending on how brave (or crazy) you’re feeling, you can dare your vina to dye her hair platinum blonde, or to clear her weekend calendar and take a road trip! You could of course keep it classic and dare her to call her crush, or text her ex. Even if the game is short lived, it is bound to bring up old memories and spark some new ones!


This game never gets old no matter how old you get. There is always something to choose between (even when there isn’t necessarily a better choice). The harder the decision, the better the question. Having a hard time thinking of what to ask? There are plenty of free apps that are full of user submitted content (some people come up with messed up stuff, so consider yourself warned). You are guaranteed to make your friends uncomfortable, but laugh your ass off at the same time.


The best part about this game is that now it can double as a drinking game! Get a bottle of wine and get ready to inadvertently confess your deepest, darkest secrets. Ever wondered what your vina did during her semester abroad? Now’s the time to find out! Be forewarned: some of the stuff you hear might be TMI, but nothing strengthens a friendship like sharing a secret.


Old school charades can still be fun, but it’s 2017! Do yourself a favor and download  Heads Up! from the app store (the best $0.99 you will ever spend). From humming songs to acting out movie titles, this new and fun spin on the game will have you and your vinas occupied for hours.


Who would have thought thinking of nouns to fit an adjective would ever be fun? Not me–and yet Apples to Apples is still my favorite game. This one can also be turned into a drinking game for the vinas over 21; anytime someone gains a green card, that person takes a sip! Still sounds too tame? Cards Against Humanity is the same premise of Apples to Apples, but is not for the faint of heart. These inappropriate prompts will bring out a side of your vinas you have never seen. Both are fun ways to combine laughter and competition in a never-ending night of guessing who put down which card.

Call up your vinas, pull out your sleeping bags, and pop some popcorn-–these games call for a sleepover! What are some of your favorite games to play at sleepovers? Let us know in the comments! 

(Feature image via Pinterest)

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