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Obvi, just hanging out with your bestie washes all your worries away, but here are some ~scientifically proven~ ways to reduce stress together.

With final exams and deadlines looming this time each year, it’s no surprise April is Stress Awareness Month. But we’re right there with you, stressed sistas. When you finally decide it’s time for a break, here are some ways to decompress with your BFF–


Color yourself relaxed. Research has found that merely 45 minutes spent channeling your creativity through arts and crafts can significantly decrease stress levels. Go to a pottery class or check out one of those ever-popular painting and wining classes. Vinas, just free your mind and your creative juices with a friend.


It seems like everyone’s a yogi these days, but maybe they’re onto something. According to the Mayo Clinic, yoga can help people better relax and manage their stress. Throw on your cutest leggings, grab your closest vina, and stretch that stress away!


Tea time! A 2010 study by University College London showed black tea can help alleviate the stresses of everyday life by effectively regulating stress hormones levels after the fact. Tea rooms are super trendy and can be found in pretty much any city, so check one out with your bestie when you’re feeling stressed.


Apparently, laughter really is the best medicine, well, when it comes to reducing stress at least. According to Greatist, studies have shown that LOLing decreases stress on the circulatory system and rejuvenates organs with oxygen. So what are you waiting for? Get your giggle on with a vina at a local comedy club and forget your worries.


You don’t have to be an expert to know that massages are relaxing AF. Deep tissue, aromatherapy, Swedish—you decide, but no matter what you pick, you’ll be sure to leave feeling soothed and most importantly, stress-free. (Pro tip: schedule a couples massage for you and your vina. It’ll be cheaper than getting two rooms of your own!)

How do you and your bestie get less stressed? Let us know in the comments! 

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