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Are you a procrastinator? More importantly...are you ready to change your ways?

Do you ever feel like you have a million things to do, but somehow spend all day thinking about them instead of doing them? I feel ya, vinas! Honestly, there are so many reasons to procrastinate—I can’t tell you how many papers I’ve written the night before they were due. The problem is that I always end up getting a good enough grade that I do the same thing when my next paper comes around! That kind of positive reinforcement is dangerous! On the other hand, I’ve definitely bombed enough midterms to know that the procrastinating must end. So here are some tips i’ve accumulated to help.


It’s overwhelming when you have a million things to do, right? Make sure to remind yourself that no one can get a million things done in a day, and zone in on the important tasks at hand. Try to prioritize based on the workload and the due date!


I love making lists—disclaimer for you hardcore procrastinators: do not spend all of your time making your list perfect. Seriously, the time you spend writing down what you have to do should detract from actually checking things off! To make this productive, only write down the not so easy tasks that have deadlines—it’s a waste of time to write down tasks that you know you’re going to get done.


It’s really hard these days to do anything without our laptops or tablets, especially if the tasks at hand relate to school or work. However, you really don’t need to be connected to Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook to get work done—so take a break from your phone and avoid the time-suck apps!


If you’re not a procrastinator in every single possible way like me, and you’re just putting off that one big task or project, break it down. If you tackle the task in pieces, you won’t feel as intimidated or overwhelmed. And as you get closer to your end-game, you won’t want to stop ‘til your there! #goals!


Like I said, I’m like the ultimate procrastinator—so much so that I can’t totally rely on my own tips! So, I tell everyone around me about my goals. Once I’ve made a big fuss about everything I have to do, it’s pretty ridiculous and embarrassing when friends ask about it and I’ve made no progress. Yes, vinas—I encourage my friends to publicly shame me. It’s a little unconventional, maybe even unhealthy, but hey procrastinators gotta do what we gotta do!


Are you a recovering procrastinator? Share some of your tips on how you get stuff done below!

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