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Sometimes lovin' the crew takes a little extra effort.

One of the most rewarding experiences of being a vina is having your own group of gal pals that you can call your very own #girlgang. These are the girls that you do everything with. When you make plans it’s just a given that they will be there and you always have the best times with them. Having a close group of besties can be seriously fun, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed how easy it can be to feel like you’re being left out of your girl gang. So what do you do when things start to seem distant?


One thing you can do is just sit your girls down and tell them how you feel. Communication is key with any relationship and that includes your vinas! If you’re feeling left out, let them know. It’s perfectly okay to express yourself and how you feel about your friendships, especially with your besties. They might not even have realized that they had been making you feel left out so it may be up to you to let them know your true feelings.


If conflicting schedules are making it harder for you to stay involved in events and be there for your weekly hangout sesh then keep a calendar with your friends to make sure everyone is available. I create calendars for the week or the month directly on my phone and send them to my vinas so the next time we’re looking to plan a girls day we know what everyone else is doing. Once you communicate that you’re feeling left out, this is an awesome way for all of the busy vinas to make sure everyone is still involved.

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One of my favorite things to do is host my own girls night! There’s nothing more fun than having a classic sleepover like when you were in high school. Invite all of your vinas over for a friendship night. Get all of the snacks you can handle and definitely a few bottles of wine.  You can watch all of your favorite movies including your ultimate go-to movies from back in the day. You can also Pinterest some fun games or activities to do or just spend the night catching up. Your vinas are the ones you can depend on whether you’re talking some celebrity gossip or venting about work. A sleepover is the best way to get back in tune with your girl gang. When you’re feeling left out you can bring everyone together.


If you don’t already have one, get a group chat going! If there is a communication issue keeping you from staying in the know or you’re just missing all of the get togethers then a group chat is what you need. Even on the days when you’re not hanging out you still get to keep your conversations rolling. Your group chat can help you make plans together, be a place to vent and will probably be filled with all the inappropriate banter that does not belong on Facebook.

It is completely natural to feel left out if the groove of your group is off.  Sometimes the fix is something as simple as making more time to be available for each other.  Other times you and your girls just need to recalibrate and have a fun night!  Your girl gang consists of the people that you care about most and will always be there for a fellow vina. So take the time to let them understand your feelings because no matter what, they will always be your girls.

Tag your #girlgang and comment below! 

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