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Check out what the stars and planets have in store for your friendships!

april friendship horoscope zodiacs5

It’s your season, Aries! The rest of April is big for your relationships and according to numerous astrology sources, all the retrogrades coming your way are bound to spark some tension among some friendships. You might need some “me time”, and that definitely doesn’t mean that you don’t treasure your relationships. Take some time off to find your chi and return to your friends a new vina.


april friendship horoscope zodiacs4

You’re in for a fresh start, Taurus babes! It’s time to reconnect with old friends.  You’ll also find it’s an ideal opportunity to bury the hatchet and renew friendships that may have gone awry!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs2

This was and is your month to recharge and focus on your career, Geminis. It’s possible you might see yourself confronted by a toxic friend creeping into your life. Once you recognize it, it’s time to let this friendship go. But fret not! You still have your true besties supporting you and that’s what you should focus on.


april friendship horoscope zodiacs

This has already been a super social month for you, Cancer lady! Make sure to let loose and enjoy yourself in different groups and social settings. But also find moments to catch your breath, balancing your social obligations and obligations to yourself too!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs3

You’re always ready for new experiences, Leo! This could mean you’re ready for some new friendships in your life. According to our research, your social life will pick up speed toward the end of April. In fact, you may have a lot more on your calendar than you think you can handle! But it’s all about balance, babes.


april friendship horoscope zodiacs7

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in retrograde this month! Philosophical breakthroughs are on the way, especially in friendships and relationships. You’ll spend most of the month working on your relationships. Get ready Virgos, because it’s going to be a time of processing hard emotions and letting go of the pain in your past and fears of your future. Need someone to talk all this out with? Grab a friend, STAT!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs10

What’s in store for Libras, you ask? A brand new work wife is coming into your sights. You will finally be able to talk your issues out with a coworker, and as a result may have a new friend you can lean on for support and vice versa! A lot of good vibes coming through in the relationships department which includes friendships, so you’re going to sail through this retrograde period!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs11

As one of the more intense signs, these incoming retrogrades are more likely to impact you very intensely. There are only two possible scenarios when dealing with your relationship/friendship issues: Things might either blow up in your face or you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well things turn out. You have been warned!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs9

We know, we know, Sag. Things have been crazy lately and you’re wondering if you’re too busy to have fun (blame it on the retrogrades *sigh*). You may not be feeling as fun as usual — but don’t worry, Venus retrograde won’t last forever! Just know that by the end of this month you’ll feel like a brand new person with plenty of time to make social plans!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs8

You’re all about building your community this month, Capricorns. You’re the gal who loves to have fun as much as you enjoy working your tushy off. You’re both creative and intuitive. Combining both these traits you’re sure to do wonders for your local community – volunteer work or fundraising are definitely in the stars for you this month. This also involves the opportunity to meet new people and your extrovert within will shine through!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs6

This month for you, Aquarius, is all about communication. Take note, with retrogrades in the way, you may be subjected to a lot of miscommunications within your various relationships and friendships, so be sure to acknowledge these issues and work your way through them patiently!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs12

This upcoming month is big for getting clear on self-worth and values. The retrogrades are known to mess with your feelings of self-worth and self esteem. Don’t be surprised if you feel allllll the feels during this time. Feelings of jealousy and envy especially may bubble up, but don’t let them get in the way of your friendships! Be open and honest about your feelings with your friend circle rather than brooding in them alone and you’ll be fine!


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