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Send your vina off right! Here's how to throw the best going-away bash!

Is your bff of like ten years moving all the way across the country, or even just leaving for another city? Well vinas- party now, and cry later. We have work to do!


I’m all about a big ole’ red carpet slash black tie event, but I’m pretty much always workin’ on a brown rug slash t-shirt budget—if that makes sense. In other words, we’re going to get creative. Luckily, I know how you can turn your living room into the coolest spot in town! First, move all the big furniture out the way—we’ll need room to dance. Next: decorate! I like to use chalkboards, which you can get a craft stores for great prices, to display “We’ll miss you” messages for your departing vina. Put ’em all over the place so everywhere they look, your vina will know how much they’re loved. Another decoration that is absolutely necessary: banners! Just go into DIY mode and make super adorable banners to hang on the walls—since your vina is embarking on a new journey, you may want to use something like maps for the banner! And just a little tip: Christmas lights turn any place into a charming venue.


As the hostess with the mostest, you are responsible for feeding the folks you invite. I honestly prefer small finger foods for full-on parties. Some of my faves are potato wedges, bruschetta, and cheesy bread, because who doesn’t love those things? I also recommend inviting a couple friends over ahead of time to help you do all the cooking and prep! And if your group is super laid-back like mine, you might even consider doing a potluck type of party! It’s always fun to have everyone bring different dishes!


Hah, gotcha! Yeah, when you’re on a budget, you become the DJ and the bartender. But the best parties do take effort to run smoothly. No worries if you don’t have your own turntables–just hook up your phone to your speakers. But take a moment to make a few playlists ahead of time! I’ve totally just hooked up my phone and put it on shuffle before, and well, it was a mistake. One minute we were twerkin’ to Nelly, and the next Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah started playing–beautiful song, but kind of killed the mood. Speaking of mood, nothing livens up a party like some great cocktailsPlease enjoy these delicious recipes responsibly, vinas. 

Honestly, throwing the best going-away party for your vina may sound like a lot of work, but they deserve to be sent off right! And when you’re celebrating your friendship, it really takes no effort to have a great time, so just remember to have fun, take tons of pictures, and make your vina feel special!

Are you planning a party for your vina? Share some tips in the comments below!

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