Art Fun


Take a new friend on a tour of some of the best Bay Area public art!

Hey vinas! I know vina dates are usually all about brunch and bars, but the Bay Area is actually home to some of the coolest street art! So, grab your vina and let’s take a walk!


We’ll start our journey in North Oakland at 6510 San Pablo Ave. to find an elaborate mural of a super trippy, squid-like faces on the side of the building!

Artist: GATS

Next, let’s head south on San Pablo toward Adeline to meet some stunning giants wearing exquisite headdresses!

Artist: Joey Colombo

Now that we’re on Adeline, we’ll peep some cool pink art by the bada** crew, “Girl Mobb”! Make sure not to miss the big pursed lips, passing 34thgirlmobb.jpg

And since we’re almost in West Oakland anyway, let’s keep walkin’!

On 24th and Mandela Pkwy, we’ll find a big ole group of monsters hanging out behind Buchanan Auto Shop.

Artists: Ernest Doty, Griffin One, Skinner

And as we head further west, we can spot the awesome futuristic goddess surrounded by all kinds of geometric designs, on 17th and Peralta.

Artists: Joshua Mays, Santos Shelton, David Polka

Now, we’ll head uptown to the ultimate mural—The Oakland Palestine Solidarity mural, which spans a whole block! The cultural and political imagery is quite striking, and it’ll definitely remind you why Oakland is such a wonderful place.

Collaboration of ten artists including Emory Douglas, Deadeyes, Susan Greene, Nidal El Khairy, and Dina Matar


Honestly vinas, this little walk is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to public art in the Bay Area! So next time you’re just out and about, look around you because I guarantee you will find hidden gems if not grand murals!

Feature Image via Instagram @sharmaine_xo

Which one of these is your fave? Let us know in the comments!


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