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Don't let senioritis get you, vinas!

Whether you’re about to graduate and the senioritis is starting to take over or you’re just finishing up your first year of college, remember you’re not there yet! Sorry to burst your bubble, vinas. But don’t get me wrong; I am not immune to senioritis, not even a little. The struggle is all too real, which is why I’m here for you! Let’s do this.


So for those of you vinas who are about to graduate—first off, CONGRATULATIONS! Go you! But before you get your diploma, make sure you have everything in order. Double check all your course requirements so you don’t end up having to take some devastating summer class. Also, make sure you’ve successfully applied for graduation, and if you are participating in the commencement ceremony, plan for the day. Make sure your fam knows where to park on campus, and pick out the perfect outfit for yourself!


Yes, I know it’s the last quarter. What’s the point? Well, studies show that students do horribly in the last quarter of the year because they lose all focus and end up regretting it. And by “studies,” I mean personal experience, and by “students,” I mean me. Seriously though, I do this every single year. And if you do too, it’s time to break that habit. Don’t let senioritis destroy your GPA!


I’m not talking relationship goals. I’m talking life goals. Yep, it just got way more serious than relationships. Right now’s a great time to start thinking about your future no matter what point you’re at in your college career. Consider whether you want to travel for a bit, go to grad school, or enter the workplace. Obviously, whatever you decide now isn’t permanent, but I know so many people who left college and ended up in a part-time job they despise. So, vinas, avoid the quarter-life crisis by taking this quarter to think about life.


And carry on. Hopefully, you’re thinking about all this stuff and taking the last quarter seriously. But not too seriously! I mean, it is the last quarter, so make sure you live it up!

How are you going to stay focused this quarter? Tell us about it in the comments!

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