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You need a mom friend in your life.

K, I’m about to sound like a bad person— but I am not a kid person. And to be totally honest, I’ve never really thought I’m going to have kids of my own. This isn’t because I hate children and am a miserable person—it’s just that the whole “mom” thing really doesn’t appeal to me. But what’s the saying? ‘People can change’?

One of my close friends, Allie had a beautiful, baby girl a few years ago—she was 19. I couldn’t believe while I was failing at community college, my friend was about to bring another human into this world! Three years later, I still can’t believe that I stress about my life, while Allie, my hero, juggles work, school and mom-hood. Being close to someone who is responsible for another life has seriously given me some perspective.


Alright, that’s debatable—but getting to understand what motherhood is like, especially in the beginning has really opened my eyes to how much I frikin’ complain and take for granted! Like sleep! Yes, I’m a college student with a couple jobs blah blah, but I’ma be honest—I get a lot of naps in. Allie hasn’t had a nap in three years, or maybe it’s that she hasn’t had a full night’s sleep in three years and survives only on naps. Either way, I have no idea how she does it. Not only does she never get enough rest, but she has like no free time. And here I am debating whether to spend my Friday night socializing with my cats or other humans.


Having grown up with a single mom who worked nonstop to take care of four kids, I’ve always been profoundly grateful for my amazing mom. But being friends with a mom has given me a further understanding of moms in general. Allie is such an awesome mom, but on top of that she’s a wonderful friend, an artist, a goofball and a total weirdo. I get to know her as all these things in addition to knowing her as a mom, so I’ve realized I want to know my own mom as everything she is, aside from being my mother.


Not that I was always glass-half-empty-type of chick, but I’ve definitely always been a realist. But there’s something about seeing your good friend raise a little human that restores all faith in humanity or the universe or something. It doesn’t just make you realize superheroes are real ahem MOMS, but that little humans sure make you believe anything is possible.

Know any superhero moms in real life? Tell us about them below!

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  1. I love this! I sometimes feel self conscious around my friends without kids so I appreciate someone appreciating the benefits of mom friends.

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  2. As the daughter and best friend of a single mom, I appreciate this. My mom makes me so proud that I wish I could share her with everyone! I hope this post inspires gratitude for moms everywhere because I sure do love mine ❤

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