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Don't get caught checking urban dictionary in the middle of GNO

Welcome to the internet, where one day you’re bombarded with Meryl Streep singing memes and the next day, the annoying Trash Dove meme. In my experience as a social media strategist, the average life cycle of a meme is about 7-10 days before a new one dominates the internet. Internet vocabulary, on the other hand, has a much longer shelf life. Here are a list of some of the words all the cool kids are still using:


To keep something a secret, to keep a low profile about something so no one else knows about it.  Also a term meant to express a level of subtlety in a person’s manner .



The opposite of low key.

Straight up. The truth. Or something to a great extent.


Evidence or proof often in the form of screenshots or saved snaps. Notable receipts of 2016 included the Kim Kardashian West Snapchat video that proved Taylor Swift is a liar.



To be extremely OTT in every situation, even when it’s not called for. Often excessive, dramatic or inappropriate.


Remember when everyone added “THIS” as a caption to images or memes, especially on Twitter? “THIS” was basically a lazy way to retweet. Essentially, “Here For It” is the new “THIS.” It’s a way to say you endorse something.


Acronym for “Greatest Of All Time.”
giphy (3)


Often stylized as a e s t h e t i c, in this context, it refers to retro-inspired visual art and music associated with the vaporwave subculture. However, “aesthetic”  can be used to describe just about anything that is pleasing to your eye.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 12.05.51 PM.png


To have incredibly good looks and a body to match. To be so fierce that you look snatched.

giphy (4)


Pronounced either as “tick” or “thick” (emphasis on the “k”) and refers to a person who is incredibly curvy and sexy.



To endorse or support a romantic coupling, even if they aren’t a reality. Kind of like a fantasy pairing, heavily used across fanfiction!



Acronym for “Joy of Missing Out.” Antonym for FOMO. Those with JOMO cherish moments of aloneness. It distances one from the broadcast of social interactions on social media.


One of the most overused terms that continues to be used. At its best, it was a kind of jokey slang for someone who’s aware of economic, gender, racial, and other inequalities.

At its worst, it was used seriously to highlight the genuine merits of a celebrity by BuzzFeed.

So there you go, you are now low-key going to kill it with the Woke people of the internet. Look out for part two next month.

What’s your fave slang term from this list? Let us know in the comments!

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