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Vina date ideas for DIY Enthusiasts:

When it comes to your friends, finding someone with similar interests to yours can be so exciting.  Finding another DIY enthusiast is like finding your crafty soulmate.  It’s awesome to get together to talk about all of your recent projects and show each other your favorite Pinterest boards.  Sure, you could meet up with other vinas at a coffee shop or a local bar, but why not have the ultimate vina date of your DIY dreams?  Here are some vina date ideas for the DIY enthusiasts all over.


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One of my favorite things to do with my friends is go on an outing to a painting night, like Painting With A Twist.  There are places all over where you can take your girlfriends to learn how to paint a different array of pictures that you can take home afterward.  There is an instructor who will show you step by step how to create your own canvas painting with different paints, colors and techniques.  They even pass out wine and snacks during the lesson!  These classes are super laid back and a seriously good time.  If you don’t have one of these in your area you can easily make your own painting night.  Grab some acrylic paints, beverages,  some vinas and you’re bound to have an awesome night!



When the weather is nice, why not DIY outside?  A public park, trail or beach are awesome meet up spots when you’re meeting a new vina and can be go-to places when you’re looking to spark some creativity.  You can take some great nature photographs using your cellphone and edit them with fun apps.  Try finding bright flowers and arranging them in a fun way or see if you can get the perfect landscape picture with the sun! Get the ‘gram!


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Just like a painting party, there are events where you can craft your own ceramic masterpiece or paint one that has already been made.  These events usually let you choose what it is that you want to paint, and then decorate them however you like at your leisure.  Its a great time and allows you to focus attention on your fellow vina and get in some quality girl talk.  Imagine the awesome ceramic mugs you could DIY to use on future coffee dates with all of your vinas!


I recently saw these “challenges” where you go to a dollar store and see what you can get with a set budget to DIY something awesome. Head to your local craft store or dollar store and using your budget, see what you can find and in turn create with all of the materials.  Maybe you can do a jewelry challenge, home decor challenge like the above, or anything you want!  See what type of necklaces you can make or t-shirt you can design with craft store goods all under $10.  The results are always fun!

All of these date ideas can be awesome for first time meet ups with vinas or just a good time out with your besties.  On top of these dates, check out your local studios in your area to see if any artists are putting on classes or lessons.  You never know what you can DIY! Don’t forget to also join the DIY Enthusiasts Community on Hey! VINA to connect with more crafting queens in your area!

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