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A Very Important discussion of summer festival trends.

Festival season is here! Vinas know that this is the time of year to connect with good friends (both new and old), soak up the sunshine, and dance the day (and night) away. Vinas also know it’s fun to make a fashion statement while you are doing all of this! In the warm summer weather you’ll want to curate a style that will keep you cool (in more ways than one). Below are some festival styles that are trending right now.


via @kaciecone

Fringe is super fun because the material moves when you move. Fringe will take dancing to your favorite band to a whole new level. Don’t forget to take a Boomerang video of you dancing in this trend because it’s going to look awesome.


via @maragrams

Face decoration doesn’t only look awesome, but it’s really fun to make your vision come to life! Creating your unique face decoration can be done on your own or you can make it a group activity where everyone gets involved in helping to decorate one another’s looks. Some materials you can use are: glitter, face paint, stickers, and flash tattoos! Get inspired!


via @kjaerweis

Move over, crop tops and shorts! The bodysuit it taking over the festival scene this season. The bodysuit is a simple way to look fabulous. Instead of thinking of what pants match what shirt…the bodysuit is a one-stop shop to being a fabulous festival goer. VINA pro tip: get a bodysuit that shimmers and sparkles in the stage lighting at the late night show.


via Oyster Mag

Nudes (as in the color scheme, not the sexy pics you send Bae) are a super hot style that is hitting the runway this season. Vinas can take nudes from the runway to the festival scene by pairing a nude top with darker colored bottoms and a colorful purse. The contrast is fantastic!


via Vogue

Bold stripes are a way to stand out in a crowd. Think colorful, fun, and thick stripes. This style is a twist on the classic smaller stripe. Elevate this look by mixed horizontal with vertical stripes for a fresh feel on an old classic!


via E! Online

Flatforms are next level for those who to mix comfort with fashion. These are fun, slightly elevated sandals that are comfortable for moving around a festival from one stage to the next. They are also easy to kick off if you feel like dancing in the grass in your bare feet — one of the great joys of summer!

Sure, you can still wear a flower crown if you want to. But these new trends will make sure you stand out in a sea of floral! Which trends will you rocking this festival season?

(Feature image via The Boho Parade)

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