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Sometimes finding someone who isn't quite the peanut butter to your jelly, but more the oil to your vinegar, can have amazing benefits.

So, I’m sure we can all accept that we, as people, are all different. Whether it’s in our race, gender, religious beliefs, sexuality, or even just in our taste in music, no two human beings are the same. However, it’s not always easy to see past our own beliefs and truly listen to others whose beliefs or views are so different. But if we do manage to do this then something wonderful can happen, and we open ourselves up for a whole new level of empathy and a fresh understanding of the world!

As humans, we are naturally drawn to people who are similar to us and there are quite a lot of people who, until their adult lives, or maybe not ever, closely encounter people who are very different from them. I was very lucky that I grew up in a highly multicultural area and had the chance to meet with people of many cultures and faiths in my school, church, and other community events. If you didn’t grow up somewhere like that though, it doesn’t mean you can’t meet people with different ideas or beliefs!

Try joining a club in your community or college/university that is out of your comfort zone. Or group centered around a specific issue that you’re interested in can be a good place to start. The more we are aware of each other’s differences, the easier it is to properly listen to other people and understand why we are different. This understanding is crucial to creating a world where love, not hate, is the main message.

Remember, just because you accept and respect someone’s beliefs/culture doesn’t mean that you have to like or even agree with it, it just means that you are choosing to accept that person completely, no matter what. This is super important as you go forth and make new friends who may be fundamentally different from you, but can offer new perspectives, new experiences, and a different type of companionship!

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