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And you thought Mercury retrograde was a pain in the ass!

Ok, so we just got through Mercury in retrograde, and now the Spring equinox brings life to Venus in retrograde. AKA the latest astrological occurrence to f*** with your life. 🙄


For those of you not familiar, let me break down this retrograde business for you. A retrograde planet means it looks like it’s going backwards in the sky for a time. When in retrograde, a planet’s energy can become turned in on itself. This doesn’t mean it becomes invisible or undetectable – in fact, it can become much more intense for the person experiencing it!


200w_d (1)

Romance, fashion, friendship, affection, and intimacy are ruled by the goddess/planet Venus. The same goes for money and your bank balance, and all things sensual (beautiful scents, pleasing art scenes and landscapes, valuables, material wealth, riches etc.).



Here’s the lowdown on what to expect from friendships during the retrograde period:

What we know is that Venus retrograde happens once every 18 months and it essentially teaches us important lessons about how we partner and bond with friends and business alliances. During this time period, you will re-evaluate relationships close to you, focusing on aspects of your own worth, what you’re willing to give, and what you want to get out of your friendships.

The bad news is that Venus retrograde is known to cause frustration and friction. In a fight with your BFF over a crush? A little annoyed by your roommate? Well you can blame it on Venus. People will annoy you, you’ll annoy people a little more than usual.


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From my research on how Venus retrograde affects different zodiac signs, the underlying  takeaway is that it’s not wise to make final decisions now about any form of relationship statuses, be it a friendship or a significant other. Friendships already under strain could snap or require heart-baring talks now and That’s OK. During this time period it’s important to note that all our relationships must receive extra care, revision, and a fresh paint job … until the next retrograde of course!!

Note: I am not TECHNICALLY an astrologist but enjoy research on topics of astrology and these are in no way predictions, they’re just general vibes on what to expect. đź’•

(Feature image by Trash Riot Art) 

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