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A trend that's not slowing down any time soon:

giphy (2).gifFashion has always been a staple and an alternative form of expression. And ever since the presidential election and inauguration, we have seen a throng of women’s empowerment through fashion. Additionally, the day after the presidential inauguration, the world witnessed the Women’s March, one of the biggest marches in history herstory.

Not only are women making statements in society, but they are making statements through the use of fashion on the runways, at award shows, and other red-carpet events.

The recent Paris Fashion Week, Christian Dior showcased their summer 2017 collection, where one of the models was paired with wearing a plain white t-shirt with the phrase “We Should All Be Feminists,” and a long flowy skirt. In another Dior design, a model was wearing a dress designed with hands purposely placed holding or covering the breasts in a loving manner.

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Another designer in Milan’s Fashion Week, Missoni, decided to end the runway with the models wearing the infamous pink knitted pussyhats. Not only did the models don them, but everyone in the audience received one and wore them as well.

Via NY Mag

During the Grammy’s this year, multiple artists made headlines by what they wore on the red carpet. Katy Perry wore a white pantsuit with a black lapel for her performance of “Chain to the Rhythm.” However, people not only noticed her identical choice of outfit with that of Hillary Clinton, Perry wore a band on her arm with the bedazzled word “Persist” in pink. At the end of her Grammy performance Perry shouted, “No hate!” to emphasize the meaning behind her song.

Via AP

But what is the meaning behind the white pantsuit? Clinton wore the white pantsuit to Trump’s inauguration as a subtle nod to the U.S. suffragist movement that began in 1848. Clinton also wore an all white pantsuit last year when accepting her bid to run for President, and other women before her wore all white as well in support of the movement that is still fighting today.

Via Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Other than Perry, here are a few other artists that displayed women’s empowerment through the use of fashion during the Grammy’s pictured below:





Skylar Grey wore a beautiful long white button-up dress with a high slit. But her biggest statement of all was her pink clutch that was LED generated to scroll the words “Empowerment” and “Equality.”

Via People






Schoolboy Q showed his support by wearing a pink tie-dyed hoodie with the words “GIRL POWER” printed on the front. His daughter matched with him in a pink pantsuit, both showing solidarity as a great father-daughter duo.

The 59th GRAMMY Awards -  Roaming Show



Blue Ivy was similarly dressed in a pink pantsuit and with her fingernails painted pink as well in support of female empowerment. Not only that, but did anyone catch her cute crystallized crossbody that’s shaped as a cat. A great nod to the women’s march!

Hey vinas! Looking for ways you can contribute to charities and organizations while also showing off your fierce and empowering style? Here’s Glamour’s blog of 15 Feminist T-shirts that you can rock while also helping out your fellow women!

Which red carpet look was your fave? Tell us in the comments!


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