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Meowza! Coffee AND Kitties?

Craving to frolick with some furry felines? You may be in luck if you’re near a cat cafe. Yes, it’s as heavenly as it sounds: You get to eat, drink, and play with kitties! The concept originated in Asia in the late 90s (With the opening of Cat Flower Garden in Taiwan) and the trend has been catching on with the rest of the world. After all, cats are dominating not just our hearts, but the globe!

If you and your new vina love cats, there’s no better way to fulfill that adoration by making a date at a cat cafe. If you and/or your vinas don’t have cats of your own, visiting a cat cafe is a wonderful way to get your kitty fix. Even if you are lucky enough to own a cat (or maybe even more than one!), it doesn’t hurt to make a few more happy with your company. Additionally, spending time with cats can be great therapy. Just imagine the amplified benefits when you can get your human friends in on the fun too!

IMG_0840 copy.png
via @muchachita.bruja

For more serious cat fanatics, you may even be able to adopt a cat you’ve connected particularly well with. Many cat cafes partner with rescue organizations and shelters to showcase adoptable cats. Who knows, maybe you and a vina can be our next VINA success story and adopt BFF cats!

Every cat cafe offers its own unique experiences, but one thing’s for sure: Cats and humans alike will purr in delight! Check out KitTea in San Francisco, Purrington’s Cat Lounge in Portland, Meowtropolitan in Seattle, Blue Cat Cafe in Austin, Denver Cat CompanyMauhaus in St. Louis, Crumbs and Whiskers in D.C. and Los Angeles, Meow Parlour in New York, or find one in your city!

For our vinas outside of the US and those planning to travel abroad, check out these international cat cafes, including these cafes in Tokyo and in Europe.

Have you ever been to a cat cafe? Is there a cafe we should add to our favorites list? Share your experiences and suggestions in the comments!

(Featured Image via @leah.andrea)


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