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What do you do when you crush clash?

We’ve all been there- just as you realize you have massive heart eyes for someone, your bestie turns to you and tells you they are crushing on that same person! Ugh! Awk. This is one of the trickiest friendship scenarios to navigate and thankfully we are here to help you weigh the options!


First you need to establish whether there is any chance you will make a move because if there is, now is your time to speak up! Bear in mind the best case scenario is that  your vina gives you a high five and commendation on your excellent taste, and at worst a duel at 10 paces. Regardless of how it goes down, you’re both going to need to work out where to go from here; do you both try your luck in the spirit of the best woman wins? Or agree to leave it because your friendship is more important? Either way, you both need to recognize that it’s not a competition and acknowledge that the boo in question has their own free will to exercise and may choose one of you or neither of you (or both! It happens..).


Keeping quiet can buy you time to seriously assess whether you actually do have a connection with this person, and if that is worth risking your friendship for. Attraction can be fleeting, and in six months time the idea of this boo just might make you vom a little bit (we’ve all been there too #amirite), but better to give the situation proper consideration of your compatibility before you cause scene, lose a friend and end up friendless and broken hearted (ok, slightly dramatic).

Just remember that it would definitely be breaking the girl code to make a move armed with the knowledge that your friend has the same crush, especially when you’ve been keeping your feelings on the DL.

No matter which course of action you decide to take, all you can really do when you like someone is be yourself, put your best foot forward and hope the feelings are returned. If this tactic works and boo makes a move on you, your friend should be happy for you and I can almost guarantee you will both laugh about it in years to come.

What tactic would you take? Discuss with a vina and comment below! 

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