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It feels like spring in Vancouver, so grab your vinas and let’s explore!


The drive from Vancouver to Whistler is one of Canada’s most gorgeous because of the ocean views, mountains, waterfalls and wildlife along the way. The drive is about two hours, so it won’t be too long before you arrive at the Scandinave Spa for some decadent treatment. There are plenty of bath and massage options and when you’re done, head out into Whistler Village to check out the shops, restaurants, and bars before heading back to the city.


My favorite part about Granville Island is that you can arrive by water taxi. You can walk right up the ramp and into the bustling center of the public market. The fresh produce, bread, and meat is seasonal and delicious, so be sure to pick up something to eat. Since Granville Island is also home to various art studios, galleries, and craft shops, it’s easy to spend the day taking it all in. Later, hop back in the water taxi to Yaletown and enjoy the nightlife.


For the best Caribbean food,  the chicken roti at Calabash is a MUST (add some housemade hot sauce!). The portion is huge and the dark and stormys are topped with shaved coconut and cinnamon.

Grab a slice of pizza while you’re on the go? Straight Outta Brooklyn has the best New York style crust I’ve ever had. Slices are massive and under $5.

Vancouver has lots of food trucks and they’re all over the city so you’ll never go hungry. Make sure you check out the map for a list of locations, dates, and times to avoid disappointment.

What’s your favorite activity in Vancouver? Leave it in the comments below, and join the vina community at Hey! VINA on the app store!

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