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You know the thing you've been thinking about doing, but have been putting off forever? Yeah, it's time to just do it!

Okay this may come off a teeny tiny bit hypocritical considering I’ve literally been contemplating getting my nose pierced for a year now, but hear me out! You know how you’ve always wanted to dye your hair pastel pink or beautiful lavender or electric blue? Or how you’ve definitely thought about chopping off almost all of your hair? Or how you’ve had like a million tattoos pinned on your Ink Board, but still haven’t managed to bite the bullet? Well I just want to offer some words of encouragement.

Okay, so yeah—I still haven’t made the appointment to get that shiny stud pierced into my nose, but I’m honestly slowing down when it comes to major style decisions.

Last year, I decided I wanted to dye my hair purple—like a beautiful, dark, rich, eggplant-y purple. So I made the appointment after about a week of contemplation. $350 and a generous tip later, I walked out of the salon with an electric blue do that I explicitly said I didn’t want. I cried when I got home. Fast forward a week, I asked the salon to fix it because it was exactly what I didn’t want (I swear I’m not the worst customer ever, I just wanted a specific color and I’m impulsive AF). The girl at the salon did what she could, and I walked out of there with like really, really red hair—it wasn’t purple, but I was just glad it wasn’t blue! Fast forward about a month and I realized that my hair was grossly damaged—cue impulsive decision. I had my friend chop off like eight inches of the bleach-damaged mop on my head. The lesson from the whole hair debacle is that I took a risk and, while it didn’t end up being exactly what I wanted, it led me to do something I definitely would not have done—chop off most of my hair. And let me just say I love my shorter hair! For all you vinas who want a crazy change, make sure to be really specific, but go for it! Life is too short to contemplate whether you can pull off pastel, because you can!

Fast forward to this year. Remember how I said I’m impulsive AF? Yeah, so a couple months ago I decided I wanted another tattoo—I really don’t wanna bore you with the whole thing, but long story short: the same thing that happened with my hair happened with the tattoo I got on my arm! It wasn’t what I wanted (and this one was kind of my fault for not being more specific), but I left the tattoo parlor with a big ole piece that I hated. The story’s not exactly the same, I mean I didn’t chop my arm off after this debacle but I immediately called another artist for a coverup! The second guy I went to did a beautiful piece that I absolutely love, and gave me an additional baby tat for free! People are always so worried about tattoos that they might regret, and I totally feel them. But vinas, if you’ve been wanting some ink for like a year or more, just pull the trigger already! And take it from me, you can always get a coverup!

I know my experiences sound like a sh*t show (because they were), but here’s my profound truth: YOLO! Seriously, it’s fun to be impulsive! Haven’t you heard the whole you only regret the things you don’t do thing? So vinas, whatever you’ve been contemplating or considering for the past year or longer, just do it! The lesson here is that even if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it (which it most likely will) it may be for the best!


Sometimes you just need a little push to do what you really wanna do! So vinas what is it that you’ve been dying to do? Tell us in the comments!


  1. YAS! I’m impulsive AF too – you’re definitely not alone. I’ve been contemplating rose-gold highlights and this helped me make the decision. When I get back from my wedding trip in a couple of months, I’m going to do it! ❤

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