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Become the amateur love guru you've always wanted to be.

Love. It’s a complex emotion that we feel every day whether it’s in the form of self-love, the love shared with our family and friends, or a more intimate love shared between you and a significant other. It’s a constant in our lives whether we want to admit it or not. Studies even claim that it’s considered an addictive drug!

With love comes a fair share of fairy tales and heartbreak. For the times when your vina’s heart is aching or she’s caught overthinking, you may want to lend an ear and give some advice. Here’s our guide to giving love advice to your vinas and mending their achy breaky hearts.


Sometimes we just want to be heard by a vina (or two!) we trust the most. It’s nice when someone gives you the floor and lets you have an uninterrupted venting sesh. Though you may have the urge to put in your two cents here and there, let your vina talk first so that everything’s out in the open.


When your vina is venting away, remember to stay open-minded and supportive. We all have our opinions and may even pass judgment on our vinas, but I’m here to remind you not to do that. It may be easier said than done, especially if your vina is dating someone who isn’t treating them right or seems a bit sketch. But trust me vinas, remaining open-minded will help you give your vina advice that is constructive and unbiased.



Say what now?! You may think that listening to a vina is easy, right? Sadly, it isn’t. We are living in a world where our faces are either buried in front of a screen, be it our iPhones or computers. It’s just easy to get distracted these days! But, remember to be fully present for your vina! If your vina knows that they’re not only venting but actually getting heard, it makes a huge difference.


Words can hurt so be sure to pick and choose your words carefully especially when giving love advice to your fellow vinas. Love and relationships can be sensitive topics and once you say something to your vina, you can’t take those words back. In case your venting sesh gets a little too heated or the relationship problems that your vina is having are more complex than you initially thought, then take a step back, and think before you speak.giphy.gif


After all is said and done, remember to be supportive. We’re all trying to figure out this thing, #adulting while also navigating our love lives. So providing the support your vina needs while offering some advice will mean the world to them. It’s time to squad up and support your vina and remember — kindness, understanding and listening go a long way.

It’s time to show the world you’re a professional love guru now – offer up your relationship advice and support over at Hey! VINA!

And don’t forget to tell us in the comments how you offer relationship advice to your vinas!

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