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Need a break from social media? We feel ya, but don't go totally off the grid!

These days it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the onslaught of social pressure that is social media. Many people find it consuming their lives, the first thing they do when they wake up and the last thing they do before bed. Not only are our various accounts false testaments to our realities, but they can promote unrealistic life expectations and far too much comparison. Basically, it’s exhausting. But how do we take a break without completely disconnecting from our friends and family? How do we stay connected in ways that matter while disconnecting from the harmful plagues of the not-so-idealistic reality that is the internet?


Take a walk and leave your phone at home

This is good practice for everyone! Especially those of us who don’t want to delete all of our apps or profiles.

Delete social media apps from your phone

Set aside an hour for social media and pledge to only use a computer for the apps that are on both platforms. Now you won’t get distracted all day long!

Put your phone on airplane mode at night

As you’re winding down for bed, set your phone to airplane mode. This is good practice for when you’re ready to shut down work emails as well. Perks include getting more sleep due to less screen time, and cleansing yourself from a hard day with a simple self care routine.


Ask for consistent updates

Message your closest friends and family members and ask them to text you funny photos or updates on their lives from time to time. This will ensure that you’re not missing what you loved about social media when it comes to the people closest to you. Besides, you may find that what you receive is more authentic than the polished image they post online.

Talk on the phone more

Call up friends and actually hear their voices when you’re feeling lonely! This keeps you connected and leaves you feeling much more fulfilled than a random texting or social media sesh.

Make more plans in person

Make plans to meet up instead of scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. If you’re worried about missing out, ask about those acquaintances you don’t directly keep in touch with, or events coming up. This way, you can be filled in about what’s going on on the inter-web with company and laughter, rather than jealous or resentful seclusion.

Do you have ideas about how to detox from social media? Ask a vina and comment below! 

(Feature Image via Elite Girl Daily

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