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Check out these tips to avoid stress when you have a guest!

Hosting guests can feel like a blessing and a curse- you are excited to see and spend time with your guest(s), but also wonder, “What are we going to do for __ days?” and, “Am I going to get a moment to myself?” Here’s how to keep your sanity when entertaining visitors, friends, and family.


Visits go more smoothly when some things are planned out. While your schedule can and should be flexible, it is also nice to have some “definites” when a guest is in town. Start by asking your visitor what they want t0 do, then fill in some gaps with your favorite local must-sees.


No matter how excited you are to show your visitor around your city/ town, remember to give them a second to breathe. Putting aside time to catch your breath will help to avoid tension from spending so much time together. Nothing is worse than a person who is tired and cranky, so avoid it at all costs!

This is also a time to remember- you are allowed to have separate plans when someone is visiting you, especially if they are staying for a week or more. It’s important for both you and your guest to have time to yourselves.


It can get overwhelming to be worrying about feeding someone else, especially when you’re on a budget. This is why you should think ahead when it comes to meals. Know your budget and how much you can spend on going out to eat and on your grocery shopping. Head to the super market with your guest and some recipes, then split the cost at the register. This way you can enjoy and relax for some meals out, and experiment and bond while creating some together.


It can be hard to constantly be with the same person for a few days, so spice it up. Call up a vina or two and ask if they want to meet you for coffee or a bite to eat. It will be nice for your visitor to meet new people and see who’s in your circle. Maybe you will even foster a new friendship!


Sometimes, you just want to sit and do nothing with someone else. Grab a blanket, a book, and some snacks and head to the nearest park for a few hours of relaxation and conversation. Or if the weather isn’t great, grab a table in a local coffee shop or library for some quiet together time. Better yet- substitute dinner and a night out with popcorn and a movie night in. The little things often inspire the best memories.


The best way to avoid tension is to be upfront with your guest about your mood and energy level. Collaborating on plans and communicating when breaks are needed will help the trip go smoothly.

It’s also important to communicate boundaries/ expectations when someone is staying in your home. You can’t be mad at a person for doing something they shouldn’t have (whether that be eating your roommates food or bringing someone back to your house without asking), so be sure to let them to know what is cool and what doesn’t fly under your roof.  Don’t be shy or hold back if you start to feel yourself stressin- being honest is great meltdown prevention.

Remember: having a guest is supposed to be FUN, so if it begins to not feel too fun, give yourself a reality check. Also remember, you’re not a paid tour guide, so don’t break your back trying to coordinate the trip of a lifetime. It’s important to keep in mind that most guests are coming to see YOU-everything else is secondary. Avoid putting pressure on yourself, and everything is sure to turn out fine!

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