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I had brunch with a friend recently, and after we were done we spent a good amount of time picking out her outfit for a date that evening. As she pulled shirt after shirt out of her closet, I kept asking her how she felt wearing each one. I told her that in the right ensemble, she’d feel more confident.

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I was speaking from experience. I can attest that when I’ve put together an outfit I love, my voice is stronger, my thoughts are clearer, and my smile is bigger. I can rule the world. I have to say, it works adversely as well and honestly –I’ve used this tactic as a weapon. If I’m publicly speaking or I have a big meeting, I put on something that I feel amazing in. I also make sure that my hair is styled and my makeup is on point. I notice that I am more confident, and that others respond more positively towards me. But why is this? Why do we feel good when we look good?

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Studies conducted at Penn State show that there is a correlation between clothing and mood. Putting on something nice when you’re feeling down can actually make you feel better. I have often commented to myself or friends, “well at least I look good” when things are going wrong, because I have at least put together something that I am proud of.


So the next time you’re in a crummy mood because you have to run boring errands, dress up a bit. Have a big date that you’re nervous about? Spend an extra ten minutes on your makeup. Interviewing for your dream job? Buy those pants that make you feel like the interviewer will hire you on the spot. Look good, feel good is a thing. You don’t need to dress up for others. Dress up for yourself! Building yourself up is never something to shy away from, so feel free to use it to your advantage.

What are your thoughts on feel good look good? What else lifts you up when you’re down, or is an instant confidence booster? Comment below and meet other good-lookin’ vinas on Hey! VINA. 

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