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You know that feeling when you have, like, thirty things to do and, like, ten minutes before you collapse? Or when your boss wants that presentation done by tomorrow, and tomorrow became today in some crazy time-stress-continuum? Or when you need to study for seven days straight for your final that’s in two days? Yeah, you know the feeling-it’s that awful amalgam of stress, powerlessness, and more stress. I’m right there with you, vinas! This is why I’ve compiled a list of simple, I mean like super simple ways to feel super empowered!200w_d.gif


Honestly, when we have a ton of things to do, it’s so easy to forget at least half of ‘em. So take a moment, open up your planner—or even the notepad on your iPhone—and just write out what you need to do. Don’t underestimate the great feeling checking something off a list! Seriously, with each step closer you get to completing the list, you’ll feel unstoppable!


This is actually one of my favorite things to do. If you’re like me and you really start to lose your sh*t while sitting in traffic, you’ve probably forgotten how great it feels to just drive. Now, I’m not saying go out there and be all reckless-speed-demon-chick—just go for a scenic drive. We’re lucky here in the Bay Area, my faves are Highway 1 and Highway 9!

200w_d (1).gifBLAST YOUR ANTHEM

Don’t limit blasting your favorite song to the car. Turn it up in the kitchen, or on the train to work! My feel-good-pump-up jam is Keep Ya Head Up—for real though, whether I’m blasting it in my headphones or just in the living room, it really lightens my mood! Plus it’s one of the best tributes to women ever written—so you can’t get through it without feeling empowered.


Remember when you would do collages in the third grade? Yeah—why did we ever stop doing that?! It’s so much fun! You can get a bulletin board and start pinning (#IRL) awesome stuff to it! I personally just tape stuff directly to my wall, be it a postcard of somewhere I wish to visit or just motivating quotes by badass women—like uhm, Oprah!


For all my early birds out there, I applaud you! I’m definitely a night owl, so when I say early(er) I mean like twenty minutes before my final snooze! But hey, those twenty minutes really do help me feel more in control of the day! I’ll take the time to actually enjoy my coffee rather than pour it scorching down my gullet, or I’ll actually eat breakfast!


These days it feels like we’re all supposed to be effortlessly put together. I blame Bey—just ‘cause you can wake up like that doesn’t mean everyone can, lady! Okay, I’m kidding, Beyonce can do no wrong. But what I’m getting at, vinas, is that trying is a good thing! There’s no shame in taking a long time to get ready or putting in a little extra time to perfect that second day hair! And while we’re at it, you take those twenty minutes to decide between the black pumps or the grey booties!


I know, I know, it’s so obvious that working out is good for stress blah blah, but I’m talking about feeling empowered! So instead of the usual run on the treadmill or three sets of twelve reps of whatever, try something new! Preferably, something that takes practice and technique—like for me, boxing is a really empowering challenge! Once you start to improving at something new, you’ll feel like Super Woman!

And there you have it—a list of super simple things to do to feel super empowered! I hope you’ll try some of these out, especially you vinas who do it all! Psst, I know that’s all of you!

What do you do to feel empowered? Let us know in the comments!

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