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Happy National Puppy Day!

Happy National Puppy Day, AKA the best day of year!

Today, I’d like to write a homage to the Office Dogs of the world, our companions at home and throughout the work day. At VINA HQ, we’ve been blessed by the presence of Apollo, a sweet little fluff ball who cries a lot but it’s okay because he loves snuggles and Baby Bell cheese.

Office Dogs are great because sometimes you just need a cuddle from a living breathing teddy bear when the stresses of work become a little too much. Plus, who else is going to eat all your leftovers from lunch?

My bestie Paige also sent me some pictures of Alice The Pug from her office in Boston. I couldn’t not share these – just look at that face!

I hope your day is filled with many tail wags and face licks. Happy National Puppy Day!


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