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From besties, to bridesmaid, to bulldog mamas!

Audrey Ong and Jo Cipolla matched on Hey! VINA last summer and realized they lived super close to each other so it was basically meant to be. After their initial vina date just walking around their neighborhood (Jo was new in town), the rest is pretty much history! Native New Yorker Audrey showed British Jo the ropes around the city and they became super fast friends.


“As a newbie to New York Audrey was great at taking me to loads of fun places. We both have a desire to try most things at least once! She was great at inviting me to events around the city where we could meet new people, and she introduced me to lots of her friends so that I quickly felt like I had my own little NYC family.”

– Jo


The best part about their blossoming friendship? They have two French bulldog pups named Cara and Luna that are also BFFs! I know, I know, my heart is exploding, too. Audrey’s future hubby and Jo surprised her with the puppies and now the 6 of them are like one big happy puppy family. Jo will even be one of Audrey’s bridesmaids next year! Too cute.

FullSizeRender (7)

“We started spending a lot more time together – going to eat at new places, looking for fun (and free) adventures in the city, traveling upstate on weekend trips, and of course, bonding over puppy playdates. Our pups Cara & Luna, love spending time with each other – it’s crazy how much energy they have when they see each one another. I definitely think sharing these moments and seeing each other often brought us closer. I personally feel like if I don’t see her for over a week, it feels like forever!”

– Audrey


Check out more of their cute pics below, and find the Audrey to your Jo (or the Cara to your Luna) on Hey! VINA today! We want to hear your VINA story, too! Tell us HERE. Finally, you can read more VINA stories here!


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