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Struggling on your budget? Here are some super easy ways to slay on budget!
If you, like me, are someone who loves fashion and decadence and who gains confidence when they feel and look put together, you may find yourself a little short on cash sometimes. Here are some ways to allow you to be cheap without feeling cheap.


This is the mothership. You may walk into a thrift store and think “ugh” but there are so many hidden gems hiding between smelly shoes and grandma sweaters! Some of my favorite pieces come from the Goodwill, and basically all of my designer items hail from there as well.


 If you can’t paint your nails to save your life (guilty) splurge a couple more bucks on a gel manicure. My gel manicures stay in place for almost a month and there is little to no chipping to their perfect shine in the first two weeks. They look like I just got them painted every day!


I’m the biggest advocate of walking. Seriously, stop paying for your gym and just walk everywhere. Not only does it tone your muscles, but you actually get light cardio out of it! Light cardio is the best because it keeps you healthy and feeling awake without draining your energy. You’ll also get that happy glow from the endorphins, not to mention that minuscule sheen of sweat (;


Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s…coconut oil? Coconut oil is all natural, lighter than olive oil and works so so well on your skin and hair! Ditch the goopy products because a jar of this delicious smelling oil will be your new life partner.
What are your tips? Share with your vina and come up with a low-budget beauty manual! 
(Feature Image via Indulgy)

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