Here's why we love Constance Wu!

I have been a major fan girl of Constance Wu’s ever since I watched the first episode of “Fresh Off the Boat.”

In her character, I saw my mom, myself, my sisters—she’s completely relatable and hilarious as Jessica Huang. Finally a non-token Asian woman on network television! If you love Constance for her portrayal of Eddie’s mom—guess what? You’ll love her even more in real life!

Alright, Constance has been known to be super outspoken regarding race in Hollywood, almost too outspoken for some people. She recently compared the use of CGI on Scarlett Johansson’s face for the upcoming movie, “Ghost In the Shell,” to the “practice of blackface.” Even if you don’t agree with what Constance said, you have to admit it’s refreshing to hear someone say what a lot of people are thinking!

When asked to elaborate on her comments, she happily clarified why she used the term, and ultimately stood behind her opinion. No back-tracking—she kept it real!


Constance has also spoken up about the invisibility of Asians in Hollywood and the general dangers of perpetuating the whole “model minority” bullsh*t *ahem* thing. She’s also super passionate about and advocates for the representation women and LGBTQ people in Hollywood.

constancebunny.jpgOh by the way, she has a really cute bunny named Lida Rose that she’s always Instagram-ing! Honestly, Constance Wu really is confounding the culture of Hollywood, breaking stereotypes and always speaking up for what she believes. For that, Constance, we salute you!

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