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Hint: it’s the #1 secret to get what you want.

Psychology Today recently released an interesting article on getting what you want, where they coined the term “spinplex.” The term relates to the word “spin,” as in, distorting facts to form a bias to certain deets. A spinplex, therefore, is a combo of these persuasive arguments that target a specific purpose. We see this alllll the time in the media. So how do we recognize, utilize, and escape from the effects of spinplexes?

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I’m not saying to notice a biased argument, rather observe the connotations of the words that are being used to describe something. For example, “angry” has a negative connotation, but “adamant” sheds a positive light. In doing this, you can better understand the speaker’s agenda, and separate out fact from spin. AKA you can form your own opinion on the facts that are being presented to you, and not be influenced by the connotations of the descriptive words.


Something else to pay attention to is when you yourself are creating spinplexes. For example, when you are giving a pep talk or attempting to persuade someone of something, which words are you using? One way to use spin most effectively as a persuasion tactic is to become self-gullible. This means that you are persuaded by yourself, thus making the argument more authentic. Be careful though! Just because you convinced yourself that something is true does not mean that it is.


This is a great exercise to give weight to the other side, no matter what you believe.  When people use a judgement word, silently tell yourself the opposite judgement, for example if someone uses the word “pushover”, whisper “helpful” to yourself. The word you’re using does not have to be the label you believe is true, but this exercise creates a more balanced scale, and reveals the multiplicity of judgement and opinion possible, which in turn allows for the understanding of various worldviews.

What do you think of this new term? Have you noticed spinplexes coming from others or even yourself? Discuss with a vina and comment below! 

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