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Who knew a stomach ache could mean so much more than too much cheese?

Sometimes, our negative emotions actually physically manifest in our bodies. We recently read up on chakras and delved into The Sacred Balance by Davis Suzuki in which he writes that, “condensed molecules from breath exhaled from verbal expressions of anger, hatred, and jealousy, contain toxins,” and that, “accumulated over 1 hr, these toxins are enough to kill 80 guinea pigs!” Imagine the power that those deadly toxins have on our bodies every single day!

So how do you know if your pain is in part due to some unexplored emotional issue? Here are a few specific ways that our emotional experiences have been observed to physically manifest, and how you can begin to deal with them.

(Photo via Fine Art America)


If you are feeling head pain, you may be struggling with an inability to confront your fears and reflect. You might find yourself daydreaming often or using imagination as an escape from reality. Try journaling once a day as a way to begin grounding yourself and briefly process the gritty aspects of your day you’d rather forget!


Pain in the neck area indicates stubbornness and inflexibility. You may have a deep rooted feeling of being out of control or unable to exert your own will or power. This sometimes creates an inability to see other sides. Try grounding yourself in a daily ritual to take back a small amount of control and create a space for reflection and meditation. This could be taking a walk once a day, or going to yoga or lunch with a vina!


Pain in these areas usually indicate issues of the heart. You may be jealous, feel abandoned, or have some bitterness related to a relationship. Perhaps you have a deep rooted fear of being lonely, which can manifest as an inability experience joy in the moment. This is where meeting a vina on Hey! VINA could come in handy. Try to form authentic and trusting friendships. Make sure you schedule regular times for community and closeness throughout the week instead of isolating. Maybe take an hour each day to truly appreciate what is happening around you, instead of anxiously anticipating the future.


Stomach aches can indicate issues of self-esteem. You may have a fear of rejection, criticism, or maybe even your physical appearance. Try practicing some self-love! Leave little post-it notes for yourself, indulge in a spa day, eat a really healthy and yummy meal. Voice your insecurities aloud or journal them. You’ll find that acknowledging them can strip them of their power.


Hip pain might mean a strong fear of moving forward. It can be related to a fear of betrayal and consequent inability to commit to a major decision or relationship. Try being spontaneous in less monumental moments of your life! Go on a last-minute vacation or date, see a movie just because you were walking by and practice letting life (and other people) take the reins a little.
Throughout all emotional healing it is important to remember that you have the power. Physical pain is often times our body’s cry for us to find peace within ourselves and our environments. Instead of attacking your body with tonics and physical therapy, focus on finding your emotional center. It is within your control to relax your soul so that your body can follow suit. 
(Featured Image via @_draw_em)

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